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Aloha people! I am on a roll this week oh, third post in a week(CILy you see that? hiss). Thought I'd cap it off with some randoms for you guys. I have had a long week and I am looking forward to the weekend. Took a final today and that leaves one more class. Woohoo! Oh yea, thanks for all the comments on "my" last post, it was interesting to read although I think there was some misunderstanding. I don't think the guest blogger was trying to say that you should lie to your partner unnecessarily and ALL the time. I think the key part of the post for me was "The fact is we would have to use our knowledge of the person we are dealing with in order to answer any personal questions. Sort of like when you are in a job interview". Okay, let's random.

Soooo, I realized I am uncomfortable with sex being referred to as "making love". No rational reason, I'd just rather it wasn't called that. (Are you saying "seek help"? You can like to hug transformer :D)

I may have issues but I am awesome dammit.

Talking to a friend of mine and she said that men have the power when it comes to relationships and women just control sex. Yay? Nay?

I really don't know how my best friend and I are friends, she is so sappy it's cute. Yes I called you out. Luh you boo.

I have a "thing" with bathrooms. I can't get into detail but my friends know. This show "Shameless" has their whole opening credit montage filmed in a bathroom. Each family member goes in there and does different things. I saw it the first time and was so disgusted and now I can't watch it anymore, I have to fast forward.

You know that deal with guys, where they feel that a woman should at least offer to pay when she goes out to dinner with a guy, even if he will decline. I think the equivalent for me is whether its a friend or a significant other(boyfriend not husband), if a woman cooks, the man should at least just offer to wash up even though she'd probably decline the offer.

How do you fix it when you don't know the problem?

Anonymous comments rub me off the wrong way, even when it's not a vicious one. Yes I know I can disable anonymous comments.

You've all seen the ad, "the average person has 28 first kisses". Omo man, if that's true then I am dulling and have a lot of catching up to do.

That being said I could do with a really good kiss right about now.

Oh when I was trynna get a count for the above, I did it by timeline but also considered doing it by ranking hehe

Wedding crashers irk me.

If chickens had free will to visit their fellow bird family, would they ever visit a bird that could fly? Won't they feel insecure?

How anyone can think I have no feelings is beyond me.

I was watching the All Star basketball game. So many fine men on tv. I just wondered how anyone could be a lesbian and miss out on the goodness of attractive men.

My tolerance gets lower as I get older :(

"If you don't let go of the past, you will keep bleeding"

I really look forward to taking my kids to Disney world.

As seen on twitter: "Did you think the anthem was about a blind spanish person "joseeee can you seeee?". I thought that was funny. my friends? not so much. dry people.

Another thing seen on twitter: What if your bbm's were wikileaked. Are you safe? lol

Ok, that's all I have folks. Be good this weekend.or not. I will be good, as I am most times lol. Instead of a music video, I thought I'd share this Cheetos ad that I like. I really think the Cheetos Cheetah is a stonehead and is creepy but the way the dude is dancing in the video is what cracks me up.Enjoy



Anonymous said…
Am I really first?!
Oh em geeeee!!! Christmas came early!!!

I Cee u Cily! Thanks! Yay for one more class. I love making love:D Go ahead and bite me!

My word verification is brestne. Teehee, all I see. Is brest.
AuralAdultery said…
What do you like sex referred to as? Doing it?

You can catch up on your kisses. All you need is one Jersey Shore type weekend!

Wedding crashers almost never bring gifts, or when they do, you're still trying to sell the crap (which they probably regifted) on Craigslist months later and no has emailed you even though it's listed at a fraction of the cost.

I guess there's no anonymous bathroom sex in your future. Then again, if you do that, it might cure you thing for bathrooms!
Reverence said…
I just discovered shameless, loves it

I dont like anonymous comments either

I read somewhere that tolerance level gets lower as we get older because we realize we have less time on earth and so we are more careful about how we use it.

I dont think the chicken would be insecure because insecurity is only a human thing, thats why you dont see a dog trying to act like a cat, a dog is a dog and is happy that he is a dog.

I dont think i want 28 first kisses.
kitkat said…
lool the ad is so silly :p
i also dnt like sex being referred to as "making love". there's jst sumthin too mushy bout that
i think the chickens would be insecure :( ..its bad enough they have to escape being eaten by hungry humans.. and nw to find out other birds can fly..smh
Myne Whitman said…
Shey you know what I'll do first. Yeah you can ewww all you want, but I'm dragging you into the bathroom for a kiss, LWKMD!

You're not seriously beefing lesbians, are you? Have you seen the number of fine babes on TV?

And what do you call sex, just that? It gets boring, I call it all sorts. Sex, make love, Ikwo, Ikwokirikwo, la, down and sweaty, etc etc. I'll stop here before I spoil somebody.

Have a nice weekend dear, and good luck with the remaining paper.

ps, waves to the friend. Sappy is good, no mind hard hearted Tayne.
LOL @first commenter. Did you read that there's something abt anonymous comments she doesn't really like?

I think you're like most people when it comes to tolerance and age. I should throw change in the mix.

LOL @ the chicken comment. Totally random and true, i guess.
Nice Anon said…
that commercial cracks me up. Like dude we can see you
LohiO said…
The washing dishes thing..I would not say no..I don't like to do dishes..If I cook, you clean..:D

28kisses...hmmmm errm I need to catch up!!!!

chicken's??? bird family..ROTFLMAO!
Decline him doing the dishes? Lie Lie. During my trip home to bond with the boyfie, we cooked and cleaned together ( it better stay dt way lol)
First i gotta say Tayne you're a trip. I love this Friday random. Got me cracking up..

I totally agree per the sex issue. I was telling someone that last year that it's just sex. He said that it isn't. That "making love" involves emotions and what not while sex doesn't...*yimu*

Ditto having issues & yet being awesome. Woot woot. It ain't easy:)

Nay to your friend's comment...I love the contrast with friendships. Ahem, if i cook, said baby daddy/spouse must clean. I can't do both. Sheet. I ain't no slave...I do need to catch up with the kissing because i am seriously dulling...Bird/chicken thought is hilarious. How do you think of stuff like that...I feel you on age/lack of tolerance. Gag at Disney World. Sorry it's just too happy for my liking...If my bbm's were wikileaked, i'll be fine..

Finally, the cheetos ad is really funny....Have a great weekend sweets. Be good. I can still see you...I'm sure you know...

Word verification: farce. uh oh!!! Thanks for calling me out word verification thingy...Hmph!!
Anonymous said…
My name is Anon and I am here to rub you the wrong way. Muahahahaha!

When people cook, I definitely offer to do the dishes. I love doing dishes.

LOL, the anthem joke is funny. Corny, but funny.

If my BBMs were wikileaked, it would hardly make breaking news. Hmmph!
MPB said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MPB said…
-I am so NOT sappy kpom
-which may not quite fit with me hating sex being called sex and prefer the term "make love" lol

Things I identified with:
- for real, i may have issues but I am awesome dammit
-how do you fix it when you don't know the problem
-how anyone can think i have no feelings is beyond me

On the flip side:
my tolerance seems to get better as I get older or is it that love makes me more willing to compromise? not sure.
forbidn2us said…
truthfully, thats exactly how i dance.
making love, having sex... it really depends on who you ask and how its being down. there is rough, tie you up, feathers and accessories kinda sex and there is slow, incess burning, Sade music playing in background, just had some white wine kinda love making. so its the mood and the people basically.
i dont believe people kiss that much, i think that commercial is bullshit. i know guys who went through a party college and haven't kissed that many girls, but its a commercial to make you buy their chewing gum, so the truth is a little embellished as always.

ps for that warm fuzzy feeling, check out my blog

(shhhhh, i didnt just plug my blog on your comment section *bbm handonface)

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