Friday Randoms

I feel like it's rude to not write a lil' something before diving straight into randoms so I am racking my brain trying to think of what to say. Things have been okay, stuff here and there I can't really mention here. Work's been busy which is good, I get unnerved when I have down time and nothing to do. I'm catholic and it's Holy Week i.e the three days leading up to Easter. I have to say I had a good Lent this year and really put effort in my relationship with God. I learned a lot and got a lot out of it.You guys remember how I said I'd get a journal and try for the umpteenth time to maintain one,well yea that failed. I got it last August and I have only written in it 4 times. The 4th time being last night. Funny how the only time I can write in a journal is when i am truly bummed.Ooooh, before I forget, I got a comment on my Settling post from someone named Jubekee who offered to write about the subject and it always slipped my mind. Please if you are reading this and would still like to write feel free to contact me at Aiite peoples, let's random.

Was having lunch with a group of friends and a friend made a general comment about women, I tried saying that I didn't necessarily feel that way and I was patronized. I am not sure why some guys feel the need to group all women as the same instead of treating them individually. When you try to say your own it becomes you are lying or trying to seem different.

I forget what I was watching but in the movie these guys mentioned their tactics for women saying men have to break women down. "You praise them early on and dog them later in the relationship that way you have them begging for your attention". Blank stare, confused face. Thank God it was a movie (right?)

I am seriously in awe of Beyonce's post baby bod.

Sometimes when I see actor's doing love scenes I wonder what they are thinking,especially if it's not the typical hot co-star. Sure, it's just a job but they get to "do" people they won't ordinarily do like maybe a little person, someone from another race, a short pudgy guy?

That being said while watching Game of Thrones I wondered if I would freak out if i had to do a midget. My friend was like I am too picky and probably will. rolls eyes.

I don't believe in mediums/psychics and the like but watching Long Island medium, I can't tell if we're being fooled or if she is for real.

Omo, everyday I see and hear babes who get guys to get them stuff. I, on the other hand am a dulling dullard. Let me go sign up for classes to learn. Ha ha, I keed. While I am sure it is nice, I'd probably go crazy feeling indebted. Kudos to the babes though.

So I sleep with my watch on. Apparently this is strange.

I don't get the Kerry Washington hype.

My friend has a theory that when we get to a certain age and are still single that we'll settle. Not the typical settling but settling with friends we've known for a while and to him that's not such a bad thing. What say ye, yay or nay?

I don't know if I could date an athlete. I'm pretty squirmish when it comes to injuries, blood and the like. I dated a football player once and his injuries were just hard to see, not to talk of the worry.

Yesterday I heard that girls with guys who have small penises have higher sexual satisfaction. Yes, are you yimu'ing with me? That just made me wonder why most girls don't realize that their men have small penises till they break up. That's when you start hearing "the sex was wack anyways". lol

I leave you with this quote: "Women reading cosmos and having all these expectations is like guys watching porn and having all these expectations"

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Have a lovely Easter and be safe!

So I get accused of not posting Nigerian songs, so I am posting one today. Loves it.



kay9 said…
Mmm... I dunno, i cant seem to form an opinion whatsoever (about the randoms, i mean). Mmm... Anyways, its good to be back.
jubekee said…
Long island medium -=evil spirit.unless somebody convinces me otherwise with the bible.on the midget thing,i swear i've tot about too, scary.
Swanboy said…
nice randoms.

Do however note that Midget is as offensive to little people as Niggers is to black people
Original mgbeke said…
Yes, it always seems odd when you just go straight into your randoms all abruptly.
I have kept journals since I was 17. Gotta indulge in my scribble-aholicsm.

I would definitely not be doing nothing with no midget. Eeek!

Yelz o, you and I is dulling heavy.

It seems weird to sleep with your watch on.
Original mgbeke said…
@Swan boy, Whats the PC term then?

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