Monday, April 9, 2012

It crossed my mind...

Today I had a really random thought about an old co-worker of mine. Sarah* was a very white lady from Canada. Sarah was very quiet and a lot awkward. She never gave eye contact.Her eyes were always darting around or she stared at the ground. Had lunch with noone and generally kept to herself. My cubicle got moved and somehow I sat in front of Sarah, me being me I was able to start talking to her and get her to open up and I got to know her better.

See, Sarah wore a hijab and I always thought she was lebanese or something. I actually found out she was Canadian when I moved beside her. So I asked how a white Canadian became a muslim. Sarah told me how she used to be a wild child back in the day and was the penultimate party girl. She also only dated black guys - well that explained the picture of the black kid that hung on her cubicle wall. She had a son. Well one of the guys she dated started learning about Islam and she picked up some stuff every now and then and liked what she was learning. So much so that even after their relationship was over, she continued to learn and eventually converted to Islam. She wanted to go all the way and started wearing a hijab.

Sarah was on the interwebz. I wanna say it was a yahoo chat group for muslims but it's been so long that I can't remember, but anyways she met a guy on there, they chatted and hit it off and had great conversations. Thing was - he lived in Jordan. But Sarah believed in their connection and decided to take a chance and go visit him. She bought a ticket and went to go visit. The visit went great. He lived with his family and she got to meet them all and stay in his house. The visit went so great that by the time Sarah came home after her week's stay, she returned to the U.S a married woman.

No guys, I am not making it up.

See as a devout muslim, it's not like they could get a hotel or have private time. Definitely no hanky panky. So they figured, why not? At the time I became cubicle neighbors with Sara, she was in the process of naturalizing so she could bring her husband here. She has Native American blood in her which automatically guarantees her citizenship but she had no desire to be a citizen till she had to bring her husband over. I became cool with Sarah, even had her number and we spoke from time to time, most of the conversation centering around her naturalization process and bringing her husband over. Every year, Sarah made the trip to Jordan for 2 weeks to spend time with her husband and always hoped she got pregnant. I left that company and somehow lost Sarah's number, so I never knew what happened in the end.

I don't know why she crossed my mind today but she did. I hope wherever she is, she got to bring her husband over, have the kid she wanted and most importantly, I hope she is happy.

Hope everyone had a good Monday :)

*name changed


MPB said...

definitely good to read this sweet post...make it or break it was sad today and army wives yesterday.

Original mgbeke said...

Aww, this was nice. I hope she is happy wherever she is, and was ultimately able to bring her hubby over.