Friday Randoms

Howdy Ho. How are you guys? Can you believe it's Friday again? We say it all the time but time really is flying but I am not complaining as long as God gives me life and I can get weekends to bum out and relax. Guys, I have to say I am in such a good place in my life that I really don't believe it. Who knew this existed? After having turmoil-filled years, I think I got used to that but this is nice. Praises to God for everything. I am so glad it's summer. I will never understand people who complain about it. I am having a great one so far. Lots of activities and travel lined up. I had a great 4th of July. Got to see Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran perform and participated in a color run. Our team name was Team FixIt Jesus lol. gabble, gabble. Let's random.

I'd like to give a shout out to my best friend. We are separated by distance and we don't talk as often because she is a doctor and they have yeye schedules but we make it work. I appreciate how she always knows the right things to say to me. She sent me the sweetest text this week about my sister blog (which I sometimes feel discouraged about cuz it does not have the traction I'd like) and made my day. She takes the time out to always read and even comment on it and I appreciate it because she really doesn't have to. So Thank you and love you!

See ehn..I think I am an anxious person but when I see the people who live and die by the internets, its exhausting. They are quick to point out what will kill you, what is bad for you, what you need to ingest etc then I realize, maybe I am not as anxious as I think.

I wonder if people have "living abroad guilt". It always seems like it's the people who haven't been back home in a while that make the most noise about the state of our country.

A lot of people seem to have travel alone on their bucket list but I don't think its necessarily something I want to do. I want to share the experiences plus its cheaper to share expenses jare. I never hammer like that.

Its ironic that the place I feel most alone or rather reminded that I have no immediate family around me is at church. It sucks, especially during holiday masses. Everyone comes to church with their family and sit in groups.

When people are applauding, how do we know when to stop?

An old friend of mine came to visit and it was such a nice visit. There's something about old friends who have known you since way back when. Just easy.

If someone tells me they are dating a white man, I think it is perfectly normal for my first question to be whether they are circumcised.

People are scared of having and raising kids. I don't have that fear. What I fear is how kids will change my quality of life. I truly 100% believe that saying that Kids change everything. My fear was not quelled after I watched the HBO doc "112 weddings". Man. This videographer went back to couples he filmed 10-15 years ago. The difference between the smiles on their wedding day to the weariness on their faces now was so scary. The one common theme was how kids changed everything. God dey. Lerrus find husband first.

Cancer is a whole different beast. I saw something that said that we all have cancer growing in us and I believe it.

Would you rather receive a call letting you know that you have not been invited to a wedding due to costs or rather just not be invited?

You know how ndi Nigerian fit fam say they ran xyz miles, do you think they actually run all the miles or na jog, walk, run combo?

I don't think I can be 100% be myself with oyibos. I feel like I usually have to edit myself.

Why do people deserve to have gruesome deaths?

When men wear their id's on their belt, do they realize it stops right around their crotch area? I am genuinely trying to get your name but then it looks like I am trying to stare at your crotch.


mizchif said…
you're so random Tayne!
I can't even remember which point to comment on.

About travelling alone, i find that i tend to travel solo almost all the time, i don't even think about it, i just feel like having to make plans with someone else can make things long.

I understand and accept that children are blessing from God, but...................

I don't know if to call it abroad guilt, but when you're a Nigerian living abroad you tend to have all these idealistic notions about the state of the country and all the things you think the people in the country are doing wrong, probably because you see how easily things work in the abroad and can't understand why it can't be so in your own country and you sometimes have all these lofty ideas of the changes you can/will make if/when you get back to said country only for you to get to said country and get sucked into the hopelessness.
Kash said…
I'm glad you're in a good place deserve it!

I don't like travelling alone...makes me feel weird. I always prefer to be with a friend or two.

I'd prefer I just wasn't invited.
Anonymous said…
Nice Anon: I love travelling alone. I feel that's something I'll miss incredibly when and if I ever have a family/husband.

Cheers to being in a good place and the serenity that brings.

PS: They say if we all live long enough that we'll get cancer.
yujubee said…
That's scary sha, to think cancer might be lurking somewhere.
Kids? oh surely. Would love to see that documentary too.
neuyogi said…
Awww thank you. You deserve to have your day made!

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