Tales About Nigeria - Part 3

Hello good folks, please find Part 1 and Part 2 from previous posts, if you'd like to catch up. Here's Part 3:

While I was in Nigeria, I used to go and visit my cousin at her job in a hospital. She was telling me about a cute guy that wanted to take her to the movies. The guy, according to her, was good looking, had a good job, and had a nice sized bum bum lol. She was skeptical about going to the movies with him because she could sense something off about him but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. My cousin agreed to go the the movies with the guy and he told her that he was coming with his friend from work. So she asked me to come with her so I could be the friend's date. I agreed so that we could use the opportunity to jointly investigate his "off-ness." Plus it didn't hurt that in pictures, his friend was good looking.

My cousin and I arrive at the Silverbird in the Galleria and the guys were already there waiting for us. They were fresh guys even in  office clothes. Well tailored button up shirts and fitted khakis. My guy had a perfectly sculpted goatee and an earring. My cousin's guy had a huge smile on his face as he greeted and hugged her. When she introduced him to me, he gave me a handshake, but with his fingers. Maybe its the yankee upbringing I have, but I had never had a man not give me a firm handshake before. It threw me off slightly, but I remembered that I was in Nigeria so I shrugged it off and went into the movie.

During the movie, my cousin and I were sitting on the outside of our guys in our row. Since they were sitting next to each other, all my cousin and I could do was steal glances at each other from a distance every once in a while. It was really awkward. My guy didn't even offer me popcorn or whisper anything to me. It was almost like I didn't exist to him. I noticed that my cousin was going through something similar although she at least had some popcorn. 

At the end of the movie, the guys said their good byes to us and left. My cousin and I stayed behind and had dinner in a restaurant in the lower level of the Galleria. As we were waiting on our drinks, two of our friends walk in and we tell them to join our table for dinner so we could gist. The girls said they had already eaten but they had come in for drinks so they sat with us. My cousin begins to download the entire gist for the girls. She added that during the movie that the boys were only speaking to themselves and she had to ask for the guy to pass the popcorn. I added my own bit about how the only time the guy looked at me was when we first met and when they both left. 

Our friends came to the conclusion that maybe the guys weren't that into us and they began to download their own gist. They had met up with two of their guy friends in a restaurant in the upper level of the Galleria for an early dinner. The guys said they might have a meeting in about an hours time so they would just grab a snack and pay for the girls food so the girls could stay and eat. The boys were gisting them about how their boss throws the best parties. They explained how politicians and big men would come and how there would always be plenty of alcohol. They described how the parties were normally in nice pent house suites with catered small chops. The girls asked them why, for as long as they had all been friends, had the guys not invited the them to those parties. The boys said to them that the parties were more like corporate gatherings, and that the girls would probably find it boring. Soon after, the boys left them to go to their meeting.

The girls stayed at the restaurant to finish their food and came to this restaurant for drinks. As they finished their own gist, in walked in another one of our mutual friends who was a guy and he sat and joined us. He has just come off of work and he was feeling down. He explained to us that his job pays really good money but he can't deal with it anymore. His friend hooked him up with the job one month ago and he already wanted to quit. We asked him why, if the job was paying such good money, would he want to quit. He told us that he found out that his boss was gay. He always calls him into the office to have small talk with him and he's tired of feeling uncomfortable. He said that he ran into a couple of his co-workers outside and they told him that the boss definitely has a crush on him. What's worse is that the boys said that he should man up that its okay. That the boss would pay him very well if he's obedient. 

The four of us girls were in shock. Who knew that in Nigeria of all places that guys went through this sort of thing? He asked us what we would do in that situation. We told him that it depends on his comfort level. If the boss is coming on strong, pressuring him, and making threats, it's better to quit. He explained to us that his co-workers said the opposite. When he spoke to them before walking into this restaurant, they told him that he would be a fool to quit just because a man is hitting on him. "What's the big deal?" they told him. He was on his 4th bottle of big Star when he said, "Anyways, I've always suspected those two."

"Which two????" said one of the girls. "You even know them sef, Bassey and Udo," said the guy. All four of us girls gasped at once. Udo was the name of my guy and Bassey was the name of my cousin's guy. Apparently they were the same guys that had met up with our friends earlier before our movie. In merging our gist together, we quickly realized that:
1. Bassey and Udo meet up with girls in public, to cover the fact that they are just on dates for themselves 
2. Those corporate parties, according to our guy friend, were really just gatherings for rich gay men. and 
3. Bassey's big bum bum?! :-O 

As all this gist was hot, and with the help of our guys 5th big Star, he began to open up to us. He told us that he had been bothering his friend for long time about the job and he was reluctant to put him on. After some months he found himself working at the company. Nothing really goes on there at work. He types some papers up, has meetings about nothing, but he gets paid good money. But every weekend there is a "corporate gathering." It was at the gathering that he found out how much gay activity existed in the company and how the company is funded by big men that are gay.  Its all super secretive and if you aren't on the same agenda as them, they fire you and make sure you are out of a job for a long time.  
 It took him another two weeks to finally quit the job. His boss offered him all types of promotions and extra money but he finally just said no and left. This was one year ago and he still doesn't have a job. There are several gay communities that exist in Nigeria. They are filled with people from all walks of life: married men, corporate guys, body guards, bankers, politicians, you name it. Some of these men are being followed by boys who would literally do anything to "hammer" even if it includes servicing these men sexually. It's funny how women get judged for doing this same exact thing, but when men do it for other men in Nigeria, its kept super quiet. Which is worse?


Nutty J. said…
Seriously? No wonder husbannds are scarce these days... lol

Sad really
Kash said…
Woww that's crazy! Goodness!
HoneyDame said…
WOW!!!!....I'm laughing and wow-ing simultaneously here! Nawa!!
Chibaby said…
Lawd help me in this Abuja..tufia
mizchif said…
LMAO! Such a small world sha, see as the stories just connected.
Very little shocks me these days in this Lagos sha.
It's interesting that many people are still in denial at how rampant "gayism" is in Nigeria.
Fluffycutething said…

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