The Biggest and Hardest Lesson is...(2)

Here's (1) if you are interested.

Q: What is the biggest and hardest lesson you have learned in marriage?

A: 1. Be comfortable with imperfection in everything, especially when close analysis will show that you are slightly imperfect too.

2. The feelings will change and mutate, don't freak out. There was a reason you fell in love, made the choice, took the leap, His/Her essence remains but life will happen and the mundane may suck some things.

3. Focus on making the other happy, consciously or else it is actually quiet easy to take the selfish route out of frustration and things begin to change

4. Focus on being happy, do not make any person solely responsible for your happiness..its a lot to carry

5. Sometimes the joy and happiness of this new phase can be overwhelming...remember and preserve those moments. 

6. You have a new responsibility and it can be challenging caring, supporting and providing for another person, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically but take it easy and pray/meditate or whatever needs to be done to keep balance

7. It is no longer all about ME..


yujubee said…
Etcetera etcetera, all that and more *sigh

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