2010 - Year of the Unresolution

Not to be redundant or nothing but once again, Happy New Year folks! I don't have any convincing feeling that this year is my year, I am not excited to see what the year has for me but what I am from the bottom of my heart is TRULY, TRULY grateful that I am alive. I mean I know we all say we are happy to be alive but I think I really mean it this new year. There's so much news about death and young people too, that it's quite disconcerting. I mean my friend just told me about someone who updated their FB status on friday and was dead by Sunday. For me, deaths during christmas, new year's eve and beginning of the year always grip me. I just wonder why, when some time ago they were probably excited about seeing another year. May their souls RIP.

Ok, since God sees it fit for me to be alive, I think it's only fair that I try to better my life. I mean, I heard someone say New Year is not a beginning but a continuation, which is true but like a birthday, it's always good to have dates or things that give a chance for reflection and renewal. As everyone must have noticed, everyone is now hip to the fact that we as humans don't keep 90% of our resolutions, so we tend to have what I call unresolutions. You know those things that resemble resolutions but are not so if you don't keep it, you don't feel so bad. This year I have 4 Unresolutions:

1 - To cuss less. I came back from naija with a potty mouth. Yes, cousin, I blame you! And being under stressful conditions just makes it come out easy. To be fair, I cuss more via BB msgr and IM. So it's most definitely doable. I still am uncomfortable with people cussing so much, so I know it's just temporary.

2 - To think more positively. I have a bad habit. I always assume the worst. I know it's a defensive mechanism, I can't help it. Over the years, as my worst assumptions came true, I became comfortable with doing it, after all it's true. A friend of mine believes think positive and positive things will happen to you and vice versa. I still am on the fence about that because I disagree but it doesn't hurt to think positively does it? I had that epiphany mid-last year and it helped through the rest of the year but I want to practice it more, especially with the things I say with my mouth.

3 - To just try to be a better person everyday. It's pretty self explanatory.

4 - My last unresolution is an ongoing thing. The best way to describe it is to stop being ordinary and be extraordinary. I have had this stuck in a rut feeling for a while and I don't know exactly what to do to shake it. I want to do something big, like a huge shake in my life thing. I'm just not sure what that thing is. When I see people doing big things in their career or turning a passion into something worthwhile, is it because they have 2 heads?? Why can't I be them? So this year, i would like to try harder in shaking myself and finding that thing that will lead to my big shakeup! (y'all still with me? lol)

Yea that's about it, mi blog familia. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week and feel free to share your unresolutions. I leave you with Mandy Moore's "Extraordinary".

P.s - Guys Blogger Neefemi was kind enough to ask me to do her #Music Monday post this monday, so feel free to stop by her blog and check it out - http://intern-unpaid.blogspot.com/2010/01/musicmonday-monday-blues.html




..Moyo said…
I had so much things to say but I kept on reading and I forgot so I'm going to stick to what I remembered.
The extraordinary one. My dad, well Brian Tracy says that
Extraordinary people are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. So basically, you don't have to do what everyone is doing. You should do the little things that make an excellent person that you notice those people you think are extraordinary lack. Okay, i mixed up my words but I hope you get it.

God is going to be by your side as you do these things anyway so you'd be fine and you'd see [maybe later] that 2010 is really your year. it should be everyone's year because I dunno, 2010, it's just so different - well so it seems. Like a year of breakthrough.

Take care :)
neefemi said…
Moyo, made so much sense right there - you are already extraordinary and it will be your year of breakthrough - thank you so much girl, i really appreciate it...muah, God Bless
Myne Whitman said…
You were great on Nifemi's blog and I loved a lot of the songs. I feel your friend on the thinking positively stuff and hope it works for you. My goal for this year is to finish another novel.
Rita said…
"To just try to be a better person everyday" By the grace of God, you are already a better person, maybe u dont know just how much :-)

Happy New Year. Am going to check u out on neefemi's blog...
Harry-Rami Itie said…
Love ur "resoultions"... I wanna try 2 b a better perosn 2
TayneMent said…
@Moyo - love your randomness and thank you so much for the words, maybe i should stop being so fixated on doing soomething "big".

@neefemi - thanks girl

@Myne - thank you and hope you get to finish another novel.

@Rita - thank you :)

@Harry - Yes we can!
leggy said…
i read the music stuff..you do know your stuff.
i cant cuss, i do it in my head but i can never say it out loud.
happy new year dear.
Kate said…
I wanna unresolve too!!
I definitely unresolve to stop cursing in my mind..including typing WTFudge...and stuff!
I'm glad you're alive too...and This year is going to be awesome..no be me talk am?
Enoch said…
Cute post.

Struggled with the death issue in 08. Lost a couple of friends in their prime to l8 hour drunk driving. That FB effect isn't strange to me now.

As for pessimist psyche unresolution, I have a similar cross. Scratch that, a worse cross. While the pessimist thinks the cup is half empty, I think it's content is toxic and wonder if the missing half is in my tummy. I've tried all sorts save an unresolution.

wish you the extraordinary, in 2010
TayneMent said…
@leggy - thank you dear, I wish you the same.

@Kate McCrazy - amen!

@my darling Enoch - thank you oh, abeg don't get used to death news.
i was initially going to flog you
but i changed my mind...lol!
i wish you all the best this year!

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