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Hi Guys...and once again, Friday is here. Like play, like play January is halfway done. Ok before I start I promised a friend I'd speak about the Nigerian Olympic hopeful that is looking for a bone marrow donor, because he is Nigerian his chances are slimmer so if you are interested please register as a donor at For more information please visit Save Seun Adebiyi or his blog. Thank you in advance.

Okay, let's random shall we?:

So, at first I couldn't figure out blogger Moyo and reading her comments left me scratching my head, but now I kinda look forward to her comments especially when she says "ok.thanks.bye" lol. Well today is her birthday and here's wishing her a Super Duper Happy Birthday. *Frigging Young 'Uns*

The other day someone asked me if I had ever wondered that maybe I wasn't wired for love. I disagree with them but you know perception is key. *shrugs* whatever.

I have pretty long nails and every now and then I get irritated and cut them off. I had one of those moments this week and it was the worst thing I ever did for my BB love life. I wasn't able to push the buttons with ease and send BB messages as fast and as hard as I usually could. I apologise BB luv, I should be back in full force sooon.

I listened to the Brittany Murphy 911 call. 'Twas pretty sad, because you could kinda tell that her mom knew that she was gone but was still giving instructions for her to be revived.

I don't understand why celeb couples do reality shows. Like hellooooo it almost always ends up in divorce. Jon & Kate anyone? Newlyweds? The Hogans?. Nyeh, they are dumbasses anyways.

Watching shows on dvd or with no commercials is the best thing everrr.

Is there an age expiration date for crushes? I just tried to remember my last crush and failed. *Damn youuuuuuu, old age!!* *shakes fist in air*

Speaking of old age, I remember when saying "I was born in 1982" was cool/young. Now there are people who are born in the 90's. Shoot if you were born in 1990, you are already 20. Also, when I apply for stuff online, 1982 is no longer just there on the drop box, I have to scroll down. Is it just me? lol

I think people say "I know I am not perfect...." as a prefix in conversation just because they feel they have to not because they really believe they have things that could be worked on.

I wonder about guys who move from Nigeria to the U.S, how long does it take them to learn the ins and outs of American Football?

And is it just me or are there less people our age immigrating to the U.S??

"What's the craziest thing you ever did?" - I hate that question and I think it's stupid.

Google is awesome. I wish more people would recognize that.

Tough Love is such a great show!

Apartment Ratings is a useless site. The conflicting opinions leaves me more confused than before I came on.

If songs were the sole deciding factor of forgiveness, Chris Brown's "So cold" would be a winner, right after John Legend's "THis time"

Why do pregnant women stay for Ab Class? I mean what do you intend on strengthening? Your baby's head? mscheww, it annoys me.

Finally : Exercise daily, walk with the Lord.

Please check out my latest blogpost on tayne-ment. I would like your opinions -

Have a great weekend. Today's song is from the Noisettes - Never forget you. The lead singer is a Brit with Zimbabwean roots, her name is Shingai Shoniwa. She has natural hair and I just love what they did with her hair in the video.



CILy Almost Almost Official :p said…

Word verification "Wadha" Hell!
Wadha Hell Yo!
LucidLilith said…
LOL @ old age. Yup i get really weirded out when I meet someone born in 1998 or 2000.

Yessss. I love watching shows on DVDs. The plotline makes more sense when not fragmented.
LucidLilith said…
As for American Football...I have been here 11 almost 12 years and only beginning to get the gist.
Reverence said…
ok so i think this was my favorite random post.

almost everything had me nodding my head frantically especially the age one. i had to fill out a form this morning and was thinking the same thing about the DOB.
CILy Almost Almost Official :p said…
In Naija, I kept telling people "Na wa oh, you're so big now"

There seemed to be all these people I remembered as babies who were now taller than me...

They are even more fund to watch on DVDs when u bought all 5 seasons for one thousand naira :p

How do they learn? they never do... I know i didn't.

I don't think everyone who prefixes a conversation with I know I'm not perfect is saying it cos they feel dey need to. I say it when i do cos I really know I am not perfect...

that's cos everyone who was going to immigrate did so around college age... it's time for the younger ones...

Have a great weekend Cily.

Parized? da heck is that? I parizede in Lagos! I want to go to Pariz... ede is silent in my french accent... Word verification btw...
Anonymous said…
age is creeping on us ni. God dey.. lol
Myne Whitman said…
We did a marathon of 24 on new years eye and day for one of the past seasons and I really enjoyed it. American football, not EVER gonna get it, LOL...
..Moyo said…
Hehe, "frigging young'uns" - so much love in that line. Thanks though :)

Watching shows with no commercials! You know how I feel! I hate it when they stop, like just get on with the damn thing, I decided to watch you anyway. Hmph.

I love that song as well. Going to play it :D

..Moyo said…
I also love that my birthday happened to fall on your friday randoms day.
I am honoured.
And guess why I came back?
Just to say

neefemi said…
love the noisettes, they rock
Nice Anon said…
lol@ tough love. Did you see how the fake chic ordered appetizers because she didn't want to spend her own money?
burramint said…
i love that song! i'm aspiring for hair like that ;)
Vivian said…
Hey Hun, Happy new year!!! Yes, Tough Love is a very good show...good to see that you are getting connected to God. Hope your year is going good so far!!

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