Friday Randoms

Hi guys. I didn't even realize it was Friday sha. Anyways, glad to be here and glad you are here, before I continue I want to thank everyone for their encouraging comments on my last "Unresolution" post, like Moyo said God will be with me(and all of us) every step of next year. Ok, hia wee gooo:

Watching naija movies reminded me of "nighties"(night gowns). Who remembers them? Back in boarding school, that's all we used to wear all see through and stuff, lol. Now, I don't know if anyone still wears them. Na to throw on old shirts and shorts or pajama tops or if you are like me and old bubu :D

When I was in the workforce, I always used to long for days of being workfree and just straight up bumming and almost always I'd hear, "Nah, you'll get bored". Now I go to school fulltime and this vacation, I straight up did nothing and I don't know what they were talking about sha, I'm not bored. It's nice to rest up mayne. Although I wonder if that's saying something about me? hmmm...

There are hateful people out there in the world.

I am curious to know how Steve Harvey who has been divorced before, suddenly became a relationship expert. This america, nothing is impossible true true..

If you haven't seen this videom check it out. It's a video on why 42% of black successful women are single. Your thoughts? -

I had a discussion with my friend who says that if his girl cheated on him, he'd want to know every detail about it. I haven't found another man that agreed with him, infact my research in the matter was hilarious (one friend of mine said position mattered - her riding or doggy style is more heinous than missionary, LOL!). Anyways, umu nwoke of the blogsville, would you want details?

Has anyone been on a flight and had a female pilot? I haven't.

You know, Naija had a good 2009, americans couldn't get enough of us from District 9, to Sony ads, to lots of mention in different tv shows and did anyone catch the Marine Commander in Avatar say he fought in Nigeria?

He whose name shall not be mentioned really needs to stop being topic of discussion. E don do na, we've heard that he is a Nigerian national and tried to blow up a plane, how many variations can that be said? sheesh!

Robin Thicke is a HOT.PIECE.OF.ASS! Robin Thicke and Paula Patton - HOT.ASS.PIECE.OF.A.COUPLE! Mayne, everytime I see him being interviewed he just has this air of confidence, his voice, his height, the fact they've been married 12 years just hot!....and then Taynement cools down.

I never used to ja Family Guy face but that show is hella hilarious. Stewie is the MVP of that show.

I have a somewhat new annoying habit. For every blog post I read, I have a song for it. Thank God I have enough restraint to not write them in the comment box.

Yao Ming (Houston Rockets) is 7ft 6inches, his wife, Ye is 6ft 2inches. Ye is pregnant. How tall do you think this baby will be?

Sometimes, I wonder if I die who would have my passwords for some things?

Does anyone watch, I want to work for Diddy? Ebony's speech in the finale was deep!. I can't find a video but I'll post it when I find a link.

I think that's all I got for you fine folks this freezing friday. Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm and enjoy One Republic's "All the right moves"



leggy said…
i watched that i want to waork for diddy speech oh...i love it.
i love family guy too..i think peter is the MVP.
watch south park...i currently started watching american dad too, but it hasnt yet stuck.
happy new year dear.
Enoch said…
From District9's cannibalistic Nigerians, 419 jokes in The Informant, sony ads, identity guard ads to Colonel Quaritch bragging about doing multiple tours in naija, it was almost like a never ending chorus of infamy hymns and just when I was glad it's all make belief, we get a yule solo by the diaper bomber on CNN.

You've got to be a fool if u don't want to know all the details of a cheating gf. How'd you diagnose if it's her fault or whether you need to finetune your 'coitus more ferarum'?
..Moyo said…
Wowwie, I've never watched Family guy or even South Park. I'd be like okay let me watch today then when it's on I'm like wtf? I don't get it at all.

Oooh I was blushing at my name :) But Amen though.

Hahah can I add a random?
I'm watching a movie and the lady just finished having sex with the guy and she started crying because she thought she 'was closed up for business'
Lmaao, dunno why that's funny but okay, thanks, goodbye.

..Moyo said…
OOOOOOH im back again.
So I just realised that you have like two posts everyweek?
One normal post and then Friday randoms.
I got so excited at this discovery.
Okay, I'm gone for good :D
sweetness said…
Interesting video

And no way i dont want details of his dirty deeds lol
yeah i guess ill be curious to knowher name, what she looks like, how they met... but thats it
Robin Thicke n his wife. My vote, nytym :)
I dont thick ive ever had a female pilot yet...

NigerianQueen said…
Ohhh, Happy Friday! Well, Saturday now :p

I think I am one of those crazy chicks that would want to know every single detail if you cheated on me. As in, did you kiss her at all? If yes, was it before, during or after? Was it sex or was there more to it? What forms of sex happened?, etc.
The answers the questions won't make me stay with his cheating behind after, but I'd still like to know.

I'm special, I know :p
Reverence said…
lol at nighties.. i remember.
i dont get bored when i bum out nope not at all. i do sometimes feel bad that i didnt go out and "seize the day"
Lol dont hate on my buddy Steve

Have a great weekend..
i love that song o - i say you will be surprised that Yao's kid is not as tall - and hell freak yea Robin Thicke, like no man shoul be that hot and no couple should be that great..have a nice weekend
Harry-Rami Itie said…
Nice post..still wondering why you wanna work for Diddy?
Anonymous said…
Peeps are different I guess... I would want to know the generalities...the why's and the whens.... otherwise.. less is better i think..
Kate said…
I have flown with a female pilot. *side eye* the end. Girl power! guy is hilarious!. the ultimate ADD show..i like how Peter says something and instead of them to continue on with the show..they sidebar and show what he was talking about..TOO FUNNEE... sometimes, i catch myself doing that in class when the teacher mentions something..i go off imagining it in my head and by the time i get back to the subject..class is over :( maybe i have ADHD..
Myne Whitman said…
I have flown with a female pilot before.

Don't like family guy but when I can sit and watch it, I wonder why the dog gets girlfriends and all.

He who must not be named nailed up kpatakpata but I laughed at the avatar nod.

The child of those two tall people may be short sha, I just hope he's not less than 6ft. LOL

Robin Thicke has been married for 12? Inspiration. Steve Harvey NOT!!!!!!!!!
Azazel said…
Lmao @ Enoch..
Crazy Crazy
Fashinga said…
LOL!! "Watching naija movies remind me of nighties" how do Naija movies and your nighties relate eh Taynemnt? lol!!

I loooove family guy..are u kidding? Stewie and peter are the best..

Later luv!!

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