Omosi PSA

I don't even know if you read this or if you'll see this but I can't comment on your blog. Fix it.Thanks.

Hi Guys..I have no blog post.

Should I exit now or just ramble.

I am here I might as well ramble.

I am currently watching the Golden Globes' Red Carpet. Award season is one of the moments I wish I knew a kindred spirit that shared my love for these kind of things. I am here filled with commentary and I can't voice them( I think this is part of why I am mad). Mariah carey is on now, acting a damn frigging fool as usual ( see no cussing, I was gonna not say frigging). I can't stand Mariah.

Had a conversation with God yesterday. I feel positive about it.

Change is good yea?

Love means different things to different people. People express love in different ways. DOn't create your own love life curriculum based on others.

I have low tolerance for BS this year.

This class terrifies me, I can't front.

I wish I was in Nigeria.

Ok I am done, this reads like a friday random. Oh I started watching Jersey Shore, hilarious.

Have a lovely week.


Azazel said…
Hey what channel is the globe awards on??
But seriously @ you had a conversation with God?
Did he talk to you through people or did he actually talk to u one on one??
TayneMent said…
It's on NBC, not sure where it's on in the UK on mnet in naija.

Yea, it was a one sided convo :)
Azazel said…
Lol a one sided 'convo'??
Taynement come on now, tsk tsk tsk.. *sigh*
TayneMent said…
Ok fine, I told God something firmly.
Myne Whitman said…
Avatar!!!! LOL...

On the awards, I didn't like seeing Nick Cannon and MC at the after party.
Omosi T said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Omosi T said…
Word? Thanks, fixed it
Azazel said…
Lol oh ok. Sorry if I offEnded u but I honestly cannot just walk away when ppl say God talked to them especially when their definition of conversation/talking differs from the traditional meaning of the word
Harry-Rami Itie said…
First, Mariah has begun to piss me off too and second...I had a conversation with God too...
Anonymous said…
i never quite got sucked into the whole awards thingy... :(

Convo with God... well... no comments... I suspect, that sometimes it is enough to know we do not have all the answers... or maybe not.. :)
..Moyo said…
I wish I were in Nigeria too.
Andrea said…
I love the red carpet .. The dresses are lovely.. penelope cruz was looking beautiful. Glad monique won.

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