Friday Randoms

Like Play, Like Play January don finish oh! If you haven't started to get a hold on your year, e go do you like film trick when you start hearing Happy New Year all over again oh!. Hi peoples, hope all is well on your end, it's friday again so here we go:

You know, I have only ever seen Monique's show once and that was to ogle Boris Kodjoe, I am just not a fan. Wendy Williams on the other hand actually has a cool show.

So I was thinking, you know how Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler from Rolling Stone and Aerosmith respectively are still rocking in their old ages. Are there old rappers?(flava flav doesn't count). I just figure that they'd look silly rapping when they are old and wrinkly.

Ok, I totally understand how men could find nagging unattractive. BUT, if Men would take the time to address a situation/try to acknowledge the situation/not dismiss and/or listen we won't have to say it over and over again hence leading to the nagging *sigh*. (I'm so furious at someone, grrr)

Earlier in the week my BB status was that guys are stupid. Why are guys stupid? I don't know if you watch real world but this week one of the dudes who has a gf made out with another chic and he said if I found out my girl made out with another dude, I'd be furious and will probably break up with her but in my case it was an accident or whatever the hell he was saying. like how does that make sense??

Being on the happiness side of life is kinda nice :D

If you have never worked out to Soca music, you should try it.

You know, it's by the grace of God that we driver around everyday and make it home in one piece. Nowadays I look around me and people's cell phone lights are shining because we are all texting/bb'ing as we drive. We are so happy for a red light so we can punch out a fast text. I really should try to stop that, it's not safe at all.

My fellow BB fam, how many contacts do you have?? Someone I know has 82! that's a lot!

Every girl should dance around naked or in their underwear every now and then, preferably to a raunchy song lol. I think it helps in appreciating your body. :D

Why do nigerians think raising a kid in nigeria makes for breeding better kids than if it was in america??

Spoke to a friend of mine this week and she told me of how she was married before for 2 years before he cheated on her, but she said before then it was really hard. She said she learned a lot and definitely learned that love is not enough for a marriage. I have a friend who ever since college we always argued whether love was enough. She thought it did and I didn't. What say ye blogsville?

I always say I don't like Houston but as a friend of mine pointed I am always there so maybe I do? Neefemi I am coming to find you!

Speaking of the Lace Front capital of the world, I was at a beauty supply when I saw a Nigerian's ad for their lace front store, why did it have a white woman??

Cotdamn this country is one big 419 scheme. You pay for every little thing and it doesn't even make sense.

Anywhoo, remember what makes you different, makes you beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend, feel free to comment and enjoy the music of the day below, Timbaland ft the fray and Esthero



Quaggar said…
Talk abt a random post. lol. Nice one...
leggy said…
i think people think raising their kids in nigeria is better cos there is a lot of freedom to do whatever here and the high schools here and their practices is wayy different from what we have at home..for example a friend of mine relocated to america in her ss3 so had to do ss3 here in america and she was telling me how girls walk around pregnant, or how they kiss in corridors, or how they talk about abortion and sex and how they have day care for students in school.
so all of those stories make people scared of raising their kids in america.
TayneMent said…
@Quaggar - thanks

@leggy - Everyone has their opinions on it but based on your examples. Everything you mentioned is done in Nigeria except ours is always in the dark, there are no pregnancies because they abort them, they kissi n the bushes, they talk about sex and stuff, those rumors of lesbianism in all girls schools are not rumors. I just basically believe that you instill the basics in your child and whatever will be will be regardless of the environment.
..Moyo said…
Haha. Love is not enough o.

And boy, do I dance around naked everyday. In the bath, in front of the mirror. Everywhere, my body's not perfect but I learned to love it.
Now I sound like one of these old women but yeah.

Bye !
neefemi said…
lol, yaaayyyy u should so come....that will be so cool....o i prefer Monique's show even tho its so loud to Wendy's cos at least its not so gossipy...i hate gossips... i have 94contacts....lmao... and no, love is never enough...and forgive that person quick lest he ruin ur day....have a great weekend
LucidLilith said…
best random so far!

this country is one big 419.
LucidLilith said…
....and i do dance around naked at least once a month.
Myne Whitman said…
Plenty of randoms,

If your man doesn't like nagging, stop it. Yes you can! lol

Wendy williams show is rubbish, I prefer Monique.

I agree with you though that where you have your children or train them is secondary to teaching them your own values. If a child will remain in America why go back for school in Naija?
Repressed One said…
lol!! Guys Can be stupid with a capital STU!! Reminds me of Mcsteamy being upset the Lexxy slept with Alex even tho he slept with Addison...mschew

Abeg love is not enough oh...that thinking will FOR SURE get one in trouble.

There are bad kids being raised everywhere. Naija kids just know how to hid being bad better, IMO.
Anonymous said…
Bad kids everywhere - America, Nigeria or not.Too firm a hand can also break a kid, I know a few :(

Love.. Does that exist sef? Abi its all in the Hollywood and story story realms?
Enoch said…
I came to salute
MPB said…
I heart your blog
Harry-Rami Itie said…
This randoms plenty oh...

Just wanna say that having good kids is not a function of your location but the function of the parents involved...
RocNaija said…
There are loads of old-ish rappers. JayZ and Reakwon are both above 40.

But being wrinkly doesn't come into it, cos "if it's black it don't crack".

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