I'm a work in progress, I'm a seed grown into a flower
I'm a storm that's rising and getting stronger with every hour
And God knows I ain't perfect, tell me who in the world is?
All I know is that I'm searching for somebody to love me with

These flaws I've got, they're all part of who I am
Take me or not, but I finally understand
I'm so done trying to be everything you want
And I have to stop 'cause baby, you ain't worth it
If I gotta camouflage, for love, for love
No, I won't camouflage, for love, for love, I won't camouflage

I need a lot of improvement, not even half way to destiny
But I'm a train that's moving and everyday I'm picking up speed
And God knows you ain't perfect
So who are you to put pressure on me?
That's why I'm still searching for somebody to love me with

I've learned from my mistakes
The only way you're gonna be happy
Is if someone's down to take
Here when it's good and it's bad you see
I tried giving half of me, in the end I came up empty
And that's why I'm searching, yeah
For somebody to love me with these flaws

This song just came on and I remembered how I love Brandy. Hope you guys are good, I am having a good week! Catch you tomorrow at Club Friday Randoms :D


Anonymous said…
Me likey song and me likey Brandy

Hi Cily!
Kash said…
I had to go listen to the song...I LOVE IT!!!

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