Pics from Lady Gaga concert

I am like 3 weeks late but I was going to share pics from the concert with you guys. The place was pretty much like a gay convention so you know there was plenty of outrageous. Lady Gaga fans are crazy and it was evident in the people that dressed up for the concert. It was a blast sha. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga Look Alike #1

This chic was wearing nothing but cards, the top half covered just her boobies, the back was bare. Chic on the right was the best look alike to me.

Get your paws up! The bubble dress

You, caption this - The blondes and the Gays

Head to Toe White Leather, including leather boots in Texas Heat. True fan indeed

The two heads together read: Lady Gaga. lol

Cigarette anyone?


Kash said…
Oh wow! Did u dress up too??
Mamuje said…
Lets see your costume na....meanwhile the lady in the white dress loooked....well a bit
Nice Anon said…
lol nne wetin you wear go? bucket for head?
Nutty J. said…
I like the card very cool
Ms.O said…
LOL! wow! interesting to say the least.
MPB said…
Myne Whitman said…
lol...I like the inspiration, weird is good sometimes.
LucidLilith said…
Wow. These guys are really creative!

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