Happy Birthday

Men, I have been slacking with my blogging but I think everyone else is too. Anyways I have school work to do but I thought I'd stop by to wish my very good buddy a happy, happiest birthday! Happy birthday to Madam Original Mgbeke herself. Wishing you a wonderful wonderful day filled with pidgin speaking fine dudes, chocomilo and chocolate, fabulous shoes and vintage clothing out the wazoo. I love you plenty and wishing you many more years because I need your ear lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Nice Anon said…
Yels. De main de main chickito is a year older today. Make we thank God for her life.
neefemi said…
Happy Birthday Mgbeks....wishing you all the best God Bless
Original Mgbeks said…
*sniffs, sniffs*...thank you soo much to my dearest Taynement. This really meant a lot to me, and I shall not gay up your comment box but I me loove you plenty too. *cheeses hard*
Anonymous said…
I am jealous oh! I didn't get a special blog post on my bday. I thot u loved me :(

Happy birthday in arrear OM. I hope u enjoyed ur day!


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