Friday Randoms

Phew, hello guys. It's 3.25am. I am struggling to b.s a paper, I haven't packed for my trip to Houston this weekend. I have work in a few hours and I have an exam tomorrow but I had to come random for my luvvies, besides my Bully friend already sent me a BBM that so sweetly said, "Bish, where yo random at?". Lol, it's been a nice week. Had dinner with the group I went to Europe with last summer, it's been a year but I had to notice that two ladies were talking about how everyone had changed and I heard my name and snapped my head up and one of the ladies started telling me how good I looked and how I seem to be glowing and my complexion etc lol, at this point I was embarassed and offered that maybe it was my braces being off and she said no, it was from within and I said I was happy and I truly am. I mean, life is far from perfect, i still have numero problems but for the most part i am happy and it is unfortunate that for the past few weeks I have been disconnected from Him(emm God) who gives me this happiness. Another talk, another day..let's random!!!

Soooo, Happy Birthday again to Mgbeks and Reverence and big congrats to Madam Nice Anon, wey finish school too. Can't wait to finish too, shey you go come my grad parry?

I am embarassed to say that Ikebe na Moni has grown on me. Moving on.

I don't think I am ever going to get over the sibling guilt I have of being the one in America while my brother is in Nigeria. Does anyone else have that?

So Laurence Fishburne's daughter decided that the way to be famous is to be a porn star, she says she saw what it did for Kim Kardashian's career. Why is stupidity rampant in this country? Can you still be that silly at 19??

Jennifer Love Hewitt said, "I feel like as a person, I am better as a couple with a boyfriend". I can't decide, is that a good or bad statement?

Seriously, American Idol should just end. Like isn't it obvious??

Things you learn from TV, this week on Mad Men: What do you want out of life? It comes down to what you want vs what is expected of you.

I don't know if this is bad but I have always said that I really hope I don't have a socially awkward child. I'd rather have a B student with social skills than an A student who doesn't know how to relate to people.

(white)Christian music makes me very aware of my sinner status. Some of these singers, sing with such...what's the word, purity? They sing like they have never sinned before.

Justin Timberlake needs a new album. STAT!. He is still the best concert I have ever been to.

Is attraction from within? Is that why you can be attracted to an identical twin but not their sibling?or are you attracted to them both?hmmm

Mommy said she is ready for grandbabies #awkward moment

Those silly self righteous above the influence commercials really irritate me. Yea, a teenager won't smoke cuz of your ad. *rolls eyes*

I am very sensitive to bad parenting. I watched a documentary on HBO called Homeless (you guys should watch it)and there were parents who couldn't afford apartments. I was so angry at one lady who said she can only afford $870 in rent and she couldn't find anything for that price in Orange County. I yelled out so why the fukc are you still in OC??? That would get you a nice apt in Texas, move for the sake of your children! Stupid Dodo was saying that OC is all she knew. umm okay. hissss.woosah.

One of the disadvantages to living alone is having noone to help zip me up.

I am one of the few people who haven't seen Inception. I think the hype has killed it for me. I don't doubt that its a good movie but I also feel that because movies have been sucking and its a new concept, everyone is going crazy for it. I will let yall know what I think when i see it.

Nick Cannon is quite underestimated sha, he is doing his thing. He is president of Teen Nick, hosts a tv show, has his own radio show and dj's.

I like documentaries sha, they give perspective.

The best friend told me a story of how a woman came to Yankee on a visiting visa and decided to stay, she prolly thought it was better for her and her husband. Well things took a turn and it's been 8 years and they have not seen each other. My question is was it worth it? Is this so called American Dream worth it?

The world is amazing. I watched a guy on 60 minutes with a disability, he is a 31 yr old man but he doesn't know how old he is and cannot hold up 3 fingers BUT he is a genius on the piano. He can play anything he has heard in any key and in any style.

I went to my apartment pool party and there was an Indian guy with welts all over his back and of course I wondered where they came from. Is he into S&M? lol

I was watching Hung and this question clung to me: When was the last time a man just took you out to dinner?

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who have loved ones in the war. For strength and comfort as they worry about their loved ones. AMEN

SO he finally has his own song after featuring on Billionaire and Beautiful Girls. I think he did okay, his voice is beautiful anyways and I like the song lyrics. Have a lovely week my blogelettes!



Anonymous said…
Fest! This might be your best random yet :D

Thanks for obliging me :)

So wait Mgbeke got yet another bday shourrout?! It's over between us!

I feel you on having someone to help u zip up. I concur that you are definitely happy (ier). I'll have to inspect in person for additional glow

I also feel a little disconnected from him too like we are not as tight as we used to be. I am scared he'll think it's cos life is gd and throw me a curveball that will require some reconnection and intense prayer. Nyeh, he is merciful and gracious.

Wv: connans- offsprings of Conan Obrien

Lame I know but worrefa

isha said…
I've been burnt about not having someone to help me zip up for a very long time. And I think the Nigerian tailors purposely put zippers on the side, or fix the zipper from top to bottom, to make you feel bad about being single. Irks me!

I SMH at Jennifer Love Hewitt. That isn't a good statement. Being simgle means you're incomplete? Hiss.

On the social awkwardness bit, I think you can train your child to be socially acceptable, even if he/she's a genius. That's what I plan to do sha.
Anonymous said…
Once again me and you see eye to eye with these it!!!!

I was just thinking about my brother back home and wondering ways we could build our bond that used to be so tight.

JLH's comment is not bad, it is how SHE feels. She did not say we are all incomplete...people don't take what she said about herself personally.

Happy Birthday OB and Reverence and congrats Ms NA.

Tufiakwa for that Ikebe song (it is stuck in my heaaaaad)

Mr Fisburne's child SMH

White Christian music, I agree. They worship differently than us.
RepOne said…
I was gon ask what you were doing up so early...bat.

Lol@ make you feel bad you're single....wahala!

Glad to hear you're let's talk about this glow...hmmm. lol

Co-signing on stupidity being rampant. The little dummy on screen smiling impishly like she's been given top praise. Tufia!

Safe travel to the H!
Reverence said…
aww thanks for shoutout..

i have never heard rhe ikebe na moni song, i saw the title and i went yea no.nevermind. i know what you are thinking and again i say wateva maaayne.. at least i am no longer in

bigger lol at luarne fishburn's daughter. sadly she speaks the truth. The important question to ask.. does she LOOK like Kim K?

you know i will be at your grad party..wohooo!!

i feel you on "white" christian music.its usually for my fall on my face and just worship Jesus mood.

lol at awkward moment. tell your mum to go and harass your brother.

i think living alone is probably the reason i dont really wear necklaces or chain bracelets.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the sharrouts. How nice of you.

That dudes daughter is very slow. simple to find dude with nice dicky and make a sex tape. release it .. finto!
not to go out there and make a porn movie.. now that is daft.

10AveN have you heard their new song " where the healing begins"? That is one nice song o.

Me sef don dey do mini post for here. U know me na so. * chuckles*
Original Mgbeks said…
Very nice one...
Yaay, thanks again for the sharrouts. :-)

Totally 2nd the zipping random, and when I wear clothes that you gotta tie something at the back.

I'm very happy that you're in a happier place. May it continue to improve, amen!

Of course, I don't like Love Hewitt's comment.

Co-sign on your social skills random.

I haven't seen Inception either. We no go hear word again. Ok are you even surprised by that? Hahaha.

Can't remember the last time I went on a dinner date or any sort of date.
Ms.O said…
Good to know you are happy. Nothing beats peace of mind.

LOL @ social awkwardness! I cosign tho.
Timberake NEEEEEEEEDS a new album!!!! #sigh

Fisburne' daughter gets a LOL from me. I cant

Dinner just because, Monday with a friend. #funtimes
Anonymous said…
On white worship, I haven't noticed oh. Even when I am feeling extremely low and dirty, I find a song that fits.

I forget who mention 10th ave north. Loves them! Saw them in concert and loved! I have a buncha faves sha

Regarding sibling guilt. My own guilt is over convincing my parents to let my brother come. I wonder if he would have bn better on in Naija.

I want a genius child. I am to crazy for my child to be socially awkward.
Kate said…
Yay to being truly happy!
iLove ur randoms!

There's nothing like being happy...and from within too...unexplainable joy!

All Mommies are ready for grand-babies!lol

*sigh* LDR dsn't allow me to be whisked off to dinner just cause. And the guy friends r jst so clueless these days.

Enjoy ur weekend dear!
Anonymous said…
As always, highlights for boring work Fridays.

I agree w/ person that say jennifer L. H's comments are personal. Not everyone has the ability to be good alone. (Certain we all know just one person who cannot be alone or is constantly miserable unless they are dating)

No Siblings, no guilt- just wonder sometimes if it was best for moi.

I concur, this feels like best random ever.

I noticed the glow too, but then hadn't seen you in a while..

have a lovely weekend in Houston.

Diyani ~
neefemi said…
i agree, best random yet...considering how tired u were, im impressed

Glad you are happy

was just thinking the same about my sister, now that she is the only one left, but im sure she will come still

i agree about having a kid with social kills, its very important actually

omygosh i have cried sometimes trying to get zipped up or down

as per bf story, not even worth it at all

Love Bruno Mars
leggy said…
i really dont think that her statement was necessarily bad or good.some people just feel like men compliment them and its a personal thing.
eva mendes also said that shes very ambitious but at the end of the day she just loves the fact that she has a man at home.
the woman who came to wa oh.i have no words for that.
etoile Oye said…
I like your randoms. Parental pressure about marriage... SMH. check out my post on that here Tell your mother it will happen in God's time.
MPB said…
i thought inception was overhyped, and my friends almost beat me down.
LucidLilith said…
Sick randome....

Sibling guilt. Yes. But I got over it when I started working 80 hours a week.

Fishburne needs to disown that girl. Na wetin? she no fit use her papa get work in B and C movies?

LOL at grandbabies. I can give you proper comebacks with that one.
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