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Happy friday guys, how una dey? It has truly been an interesting week for me, but like my friends status says something like spring always comes after the winter.It's going to be a longer weekend because I will be headed out of town for work and I foresee nothing but intense work on friday and saturday. God dey. On a serious note, I know most of us are guilty of this, including me but we need to get a hold on texting and driving sha. We all feel like we are invincible and "we got this" but you just never know. Plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr Frank Ryan died a few days ago while tweeting and driving on his blackberry. We can always reply later but if we die we can never reply, so make we try small to concentrate while driving. Speaking of tweeter, I am one step closer to joining. To join or not to join? I really don't want to be addicted sha...Let's random.

WTH is the point of open toe boots or booties? If its cold and I have boots on, why would I want my toes to get cold.. or are they for summer? then why would I opt for boots when its hot in the summer? TSK! - anonymous

Everytime I pass by or have body contact with someone I always wonder if they passed on some communicable disease and I say a little prayer - anonymous

*brat mode* I don't think it's fair that some people find their "good man" in average looking packages, while some find theirs in hot packages, why can't everybody have it all? *brat mode* ( jo, this was said humorously. I no wan hear any wise words of wisdom. Thanks)

E be like say all man wan dey naked for gym, regardless of if the body is hot or not.

Speaking of which, I have noticed part of the aforementioned are old ladies. I mean I get it, you are old and you are hot, it ain't easy. But how come most of them wear belly rings? How old is too old to wear belly rings?

This show, Army Wives ( I don't watch it) but if the war in Iraq suddenly ends, does the show end too?

Things i heard on tv: Your first kiss with someone changes the way you feel about each other - Yay or Nay? I agree sha.

Things i read on blogsville: when a relationship becomes more of a burden than a blessing, break it up!

I know I am weird already but let's add to it anyways. BB contacts without pictures bother me, don't ask why.

This millionaire matchmaker woman, must be interesting to be a match maker without a match, isn't it bad for business?

SPeaking of which, so the matchmaker lady broke up her engagement because she wanted kids and he didn't. This is not the first time I am hearing this among oyibo people. Please what have you been talking about all this while in a 4 year relationship? How you go be with someone and you don't know they didn't want kids?

I think the best theme song out there is True Blood's. The show na ogbanje show sha.

Say what you want about Dbang, but the negro has swag yo! It just comes naturally to him, he doesn't try. I really enjoyed his "Mr Endowed" video, even though from people I asked they don't feel the same way.

Are the days of meeting people in the same city over or are we the generation of long distance?

A friend of mine gave me a refresher on childbirth. the cuts, the tears....Yea, as if I am not terrified enough...Lord help me.

I asked my oyibo coworker how he knew his wife was the one and he said *everyone together noooowwww*..he just knew.

I know it might be a horrible thing to say but I think I understand why people settle.

Is it a bad thing if someone says "XYZ grew on me" when referring to a boyfriend/girlfriend?

So the star's name on Entourage is Vince, short for Vincent probably. If na naija man now dem go tok say the name dey too Igbotic. humph!

Don't forget to send in your random thoughts to me whenever you have one. Email me at and indicate if you want to be anonymous or have your name mentioned. Today's song is from a band I just heard, they have a different sound that I like and I really like the song and the lyrics.

P.S I noticed most of my randoms were questions. You blogelettes berra answer them oh!!



neefemi said…
Lol, I hate booties too but they r kinda nice in the fall. I think sha, don't own one.

Lmao @ no wise words of wisdom. Can u even say no wise words of wisdom?

I think by the time u start having kids u should retire the belly ring, @ least that's my plan.

Love army wives and I don't think it has to end since its really abt the families

Yes I agree about the kiss especially for me its very important

I don't think there are days to meeting people, but it does seem like a lot of people r now into long distance and making it work too.

Lmao, what was he supposed to say, he just knew na ni. I really think that's the right answer but if u want to know more u ask questions like how was he/she different from the boy/girlfriend before.

#Okthanksbye yes please join twitter already...hehheheh don't kill me for my comments. Have a great weekend
Ms.O said…

I have two open toe booties. iLove them. I will take a picture of how I wear them and you can judge for yourself if they are cute or not..:)

Yes after 4yrs you should know if a person wants kids or not.. she is probably using that as her excuse. other reasons..IMHO.

Long distance.. yup all my close people are in that these days...

iLove Don Jazzy.. *shy face*

Anonymous said…
Have a fresh pedicure that you want to show off?? Open toe Shoe booties.

Are your toes really hot, but your heels are freezing? Open toe Shoe booties.

Confused and can't decide between opened toe shoes and boots? Open toe shoe booties.
Sting said…
People can grow on you. So i don't think it's a bad thing to say that.
Young Grumbler said…
Booties look hot on other people, just never had the urge to try them on myself.

Belly rings should be retired when the belly is no longer flat or kids are now in the equation. I have seen some horrors *shudder*

Nay to the first kiss thing - taking nerves onto account and second chances, the 2nd kiss would sort out my feelings for good.

"When a relationship becomes more of a burden than a blessing, break it up" - And the church says AMEN!

4 years to realise that they weren't on the same page about kids?? When one of my friends found out her husband's blood type, how many kids he wanted, e.t.c. on their 1ST date! Lol

True blood scares me *quaking in boots*

I like D'banj, the cheeky bugger, but lyrics-wise his songs are fast going to hell in a handbasket. iCant with that "Endowed" song...waste of a good beat to me :-(

Watched a birthing to say that adoption is now being seriously considered

Awww how cute at your oyibo coworker *jealous*
leggy said…
i also understand why people seriously, sometimes, you realise you cant have it all.

i thought the video was funny sha,i liked it.
Myne Whitman said…
If it's called settling cos there's no fireworks, not bad or saying someone grew on you. But when you end up with someone you don't like or have anything in common with. Wahala dey o..

And yeah, that Endowed song is rubbish. I also preferred Don Jazy to Dbanj.
Anonymous said…
I am really really understanding the settling thing,my fear is down the line will I look at you and want to shoot myself for not being patient a bit longer. *

I still don't get open toe boots/booties.

The I just knew thing would be beautiful, I'd like my SO to "just know"- no confusion.

Texting and driving, I got into a wreck and the text wasn't even that important. just stupidly thinking well, theres no traffic I can do it. Now, I feel fear everytime I even think of my phone while driving.

As usual, thanks for the friday break.

PS: I like D'Banj a lil, but as someone said.. his lyrics are getting old. We get it! Kokomaster, endowed, Igwe. You are the shit, now find something else to talk/ Well, thats everywhere I guess

PPS: * Brat mode* I want to have it all too and not humorously- with a hot package and not really have to settle. * I can at least reach for the heavens in my dreams and want it all reality may bite but.. thats what dreams are for*

Nice Anon said…
speaking of open toe booties.. Steve madden has some i've been eying. na for summer and fall na. not for winter at all,

Mr Endowed himself .. liked that song sotey i don name myself Ms Endowed! Norrin do me!

Join twitter kon follow me look na. Just joined sha.
RepOne said…
First kiss? NAY!! or let me say not necessarilly true.

Hear! Hear! on that average vs hot package thing...

People are *&%$ about married for about 7years then just finding out that dude really doesnt want kids? Tufia!

Mr Endowed...its was blah to me

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