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Hi Guys! Happy friday oh! Like joke like joke, we don reach half of August. Soon we will enter the -mber months and then it's speed racing from there. So I decided that since I didn't get an onslaught of randoms, instead of doing one post of community randoms, you guys can send in a random whenever you want and I will insert it with my randoms and give credit as indicated. Ok, I have nothing much to say so let's random.Oh this weekend I have cleared my stomach and per madam Nice Anon's recommendation I will be trying out the best burger in my hood this weekend at Bueno Burger *fingers crossed*

So awon science people, please tell me the correlation between naija peeps and being lactose intolerant. I didn't even know there were a lot of them out there sef.

Janelle Monae bothers me. Is she a girl or a woman? If she has relations, do the men feel weird?

A new season of bad girls club started and I can't get over how women over 20 are proud of being "bad girls" and are yelling and screaming all the time. na wetin?

I swear to god, the next mofocky that tries to spin me so that my ass is on his dinger will get razed, like wth? Thank God I learned how to do 360 degree spins instead of 180.

So like in yankee, you know how dey be spraying people in one dollar bills right? In jand their one pound is in coins, so how do they spray people at events? Dem dey stone dem with coins or they spray 5 pounds? (Sorry Willy)

So if you go hang out or see a guy that you are talking to and things get steamy and he pulled out a condom. what would be your reaction? would you be upset or would be you okay and think better safe than sorry. ( you had no intention of doing the do)

Men don't woo women anymore sha.

So emm, ojukokoro carried me to go watch that montana fishburne tape oh! It was so disgusting plus e be like say the babe get craw craw for nyansh or as I said chicken pox of the nyansh. Quite sad the route she is going.

For anyone who is watching Bachelor Pad. It is the mirror image of boy/girl relationships. Women dey try sha, just putting up with a lot of stuff, while the men continue because they know they can get away with it.

True Blood is blowing my mind this season, so much going on. So much blood being shed and shared, they don't have HIV?

I've noticed that it doesn't take long for naija men to start calling a chic "babe".

Eldee's "Ogede" is such a dirty song. forgive my speling but he says: Sho ma n je ogede? Sho ma n mu milik? then the girl asks: sho ma n je igbin oh? he says: mo n je igbin na. sho fresh so clean? LOL, Reverence you should check it out and feel free to ask for translation hehe.

I think most people in our generation are more concerned about getting pregnant over getting a disease in terms of protecting themselves.

So, I am a huge fan of Eat, Pray , Love like I have mentioned before. It took me a while to finish it because of school but I did eventually and I have to say that there is no way I 100% believe that that book is completely a true story. Things went way too perfectly and too in line during her journey that she had to have applied her writers hat and made everything better so to speak. That's not to take away from her words of wisdom oh! God uses different kinds of vessels. The most important thing I appreciated from the book was that her spirituality was not tainted by guilt, something a lot of today's religions have. My favorite line in the book: "My God is a Magnificent God". Something about that line is so powerful to me.

God save me. I am attracted to jerk like arrogant men.

Judges on reality shows are tripping. Why the hell is Kenny gone from Top Chef??

I do apologize for the quality of randoms this week. It's been a distracting week for me so maybe my mind wasn't so random. I hope you have a lovely week!

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who make frequent journeys either for work or pleasure. For safe journey to and fro.

Today's song is something everyone must have experienced at some point or the other. With lyrics like: I'm always waiting on something other than this. Why am I feelin' like there's something I missed....Always... Always... this song appeals to most pple's crisis lol. Enjoy!

Stacie Orrico - More to Life



MPB said…
Firstish. Surprisingly enough I have been witnessing some wooing...
Lol at naijamen and babe or baby within 48hrs.
As to your question, it wouldn't be upsetting, since the guy doesn't know you didn't intend to do the do, but if you told him your intention and he still whips one out, it might be disconcerting. Just depends on how it all flows...
Anonymous said…
How am I in a diff time zone and not fest! Yeye MPB.

Taynement, where my random at? Cow!

I don't remember my comments anymore


*WV* prollyc. A probable policy.
isha said…
I am lactose-intolerant, honestly, it's really something I could do without, considering my daily-bowl-of-cereal arrangement, and how much I like icecream.

You know how people cut off milk products because their intolerance, I just tell myself that the 'bathroom visit' is good for me - it's cleansing.
Anonymous said…
Luv Friday Randoms as always.

I googled "bachelor pad", may be interesting- I'm curious.

There are a few that "woo"... may not be the ones you want to woo you tho, such is life.

The baby, sweetie, honey thing is very annoying. _ I just met you a week ago, stop it!_

Love Eat Pray Love for so many reasons, I do agree that it is too perfect tho. Hope to see the movie this weekend. Abt that, I TayTay & I agree that the casting is perfect, I couldn't see anyone other than JR in this role...unless a newcomer. Ur thoughts?

Have a lovely weekend.

Reverence said…
fest of all waka at your eldee comment!!! i am not that bad jo although i did go wow just reading the small line you posted.

i am nigerian and i am lactose intolerant. lactaid is my best friend.

janelle monae is comming to our side nov 2. wanna go?

i thought all guys carrty condom in their wallet? no?

you this girl sef where do you even go about finding a sex tape? google?

no sadly the wooing period is over...

i thought eat,pray and love ended perfectly too. but maybe thats also a sign? that everything ALWAYS works out in the end?
Quaggar said…
Ok, two questions:

1. Where's d link to montana's vid?

2. Abeg, yarn me the translation of that song.

Earnestly waiting. Thanks :)
RepOne said…
Lol@ coin. They spray dollar bills.

Yea naija artists be on that nasty ish...

I still ain't seen that tape but I Sho have heard of her craw-craw nyash lol.
LucidLilith said…
LOL at Ogede. We had a boy in my high school whose nickname was Ogede... rumor had it he was hung.

Also...True Blood is the shiiiiit this season. Favorite line...when Bill was missing and in Mississipi, Sookie said, "I keep waiting for him to appear in the doorway and go, 'Soooookie!' "

The way she said it like Bill was downright hilarious.

Try watching it in Spanish. It is so funny.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget to get the avacado burger.
Men always have condoms in their wallet esp the single ones. Better safe than sorry
neefemi said…
Love love that song...

what do you mean by correlation btwn naija peeps and being lactose intolerant? i'm confused. is it as per being black? Nways there is no correlation to it sha. 70% of blacks are predisposed to it compared to 20% whites. #dontkillmeforthisanswer

i wont be annoyed if i like him, cos even if i didn't have any intentions that day, the thought may have crossed my mind. I most likely ain't doing still sha.
ZeL said…
Nice randoms.

It really irritates me when guys throw around terms of endearments uselessly. I just might slap the nest guy who calls me "baby"

@Montana Fisburne, that one needs help asap

About guys who would pull out a condom, what bout those who will wear it b4 hand?

Love that song 4eva.

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