Friday Randoms

I was supposed to do this last night but after days of not sleeping, my body seems to have finally come around and I am crashing something major, so I am scrambling to do this right quick before I head to work. It's been such a busy week at work and it's been oh so cold :(. We've had freeze warnings and such, even my hot water doesn't get as hot as it usually does but no complaining,some have it worse complete with snow. It's the weekend! yay!. I'll go ahead and just random.

Every now and then I see comments from people who say thick girls are tricky because in the future they eventually get fat. I always wonder about that logic and wonder why everyone seems to ignore the fact that there have been slim girls who just blew up from nowhere.

I was reading (or watching) don't remember and it said that there are cases of having orgasms during childbirth. To which I call bullshit. Who comes up with these things?

It's really cute seeing men who just adore their wives sincerely.

So many times you hear women say "He will never find anyone who cares for me as much as I do". Unfortunately, he will.

There are people who have lived life very well. You know how you can tell? Pick any ludicrous story you can think of and they will have a story that can relate to it.

I watched that episode of RHOA where Bob counter sued Sheree for child support. He won that day and was doing leaps and twirls and sticking his tongue out. I was so angry. I thought the day you become a parent, you live for your child and would do anything to provide for them?

I know I am guilty of this but that feeling when somebody hurts you so much and they aren't even aware of it. sucks.

I was watching a show and this guy and this girl start getting it on and she starts to cry. She later explained that it hit her that she was an "in between girl" - the girl guys hang out with or sleep with and right after settle in a relationship. Maybe it's not new but i'd never heard that term before.

See back in the day when I used to block out my feelings, life was so much easier. Dealing with feelings is so much wahala but I guess it's part of growing up.

"Moving on isn't the hard part. Staying moved on is the hard part"

Ah human beings. Forever seeking validation from other human beings.

My friend mentioned to me that someone going to Redeemed was a deal breaker for her and I instantly agreed. Now, now Redeemed members don't get offended. I am catholic and I have heard a number of times how that's a deal breaker for some. I guess, it depends on the type of Redeemer you are sha.

So it was brought to my knowledge that once an Igbo man decides to wife up a chick, he does that quick and they don't do any of that long engagement/dating thing. On the Yoruba side, their men marry younger. What say ye people?

You know what sucks? Recounting a convo and realizing all the things that you should have said at that time.

Ladies, would you go to a club on your own?

My married friends stay throwing in my face how much regular sex they are getting. yeye friends.

I had a little moment this week. Was talking to my friend and he said "You're awesome". I was ready to respond and state how nah, not really etc etc and I stopped myself and thought he didn't say you are perfect. he just said you are awesome, take the compliment and move on. So I said thank you and that was that. Hoping for more of that this year.

Have a wonderful weekend folks. Stay blessed and pray for our fellow Nigerians back home. Hopefully things get better and not worse.



Anonymous said…
Fest! Ok lemme read :D
Anonymous said…
I am entirely in agreement with the redeemed exclusion. A deal breaker for me.
Miss Enigma said…
Am I missing something about Redeemer's? Is there smething I haven't heard biko? Cos I'm Catholic and the man is a Redeemer, but not a fanatic.

I agree, staying moved on is hard to do.

As for that He/She will never find someone like me...story! Now I know for sure that there isn't just one person made for one person. The real question is how much effort and commitment are two people willing to put in to mke a rship work. My point is, if you've loved once u can love again. Dem no tie anybody heart to another person.

I think the reason why Ibo ppl dnt waste time is bcos by the time they decide to marry, they already done all the background wrk with regards to getting themselves a good job, or business, house and alla dat b4 taking the leap.

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
So many commentables

I agree that the worse kinda hurt is when the person doesn't know or can't understand how they are hurting u

I watched that episode and was so irritated by a grown ass man skipping and sticking out his tongue after shenking his responsibility.

Not just frequent sex oh, frequent guilt free sex :)

Good to know the test for ppl who have lived life well

LadyNgo said…
It IS really cute seeing a man dote over his lady/wife!

Me and some of my cousins were having that same convo about yoruba men marrying young vs igbo men who marry later but do so quickly once they've made the decision.

I don't know if i'd go to a club on my own. Unless someone i know is having something there, then i don't mind making a solo entrance. I really don't like going to clubs/parites with people though because no one ever seem to be on the same page regarding how long to stay, who's gonna be the dd, etc lol.

Life is much easier when you don't have to deal with feelings. Completely cosign!

You have a great weekend too :)
mizchif said…
Feelings done messed up things for true, i mean where did they even come from? They need to go away.

When i think of the perks of marriage lots of guilt free sex is definitely the biggest perk that comes to mind.

I do hope to be one of those people who have lived life well enough to have lots of stories to tell.
Nutty J. said…
please is being a redeemer a deal breaker? Explain lets know why
Original Mgbeke said…
Yeah...Redeemers are curious to know how being a Redeemer is a deal breaker.

Good job on accepting the compliment. You should def learn to do more of that.

I've never heard of an in-between girl either. Nope, I would not go to a club by myself.

Just heard of the Igbo man thing meself. Interesting stuff. Will have to observe trends.
LohiO said…
I will not blow up In Jesus Name!!! .:(

Feelings are the worst. Damnnn!!! ughhh! But I guess its a good thing esp when reciprocated.

LOL @ Redeemers being a deal breaker. That is rather harsh tho. Why? I am not a Redeemer.

Igbo men gist is true.
Anonymous said…
Nice Anon: LOL @ Mgbeks thinking she's a "Redeemer". Akuko!

I don't know much about the church or their doctrines though.

Yes about the igbo men thing but I think it is generally a man thing no? When he's ready and meets the right one? Timing they say.

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