Taking Stock 2011

Taking Stock was a blog post idea that I got from another blog back in 2010. It's a pretty cool way of just documenting how your year went in different aspects of your life. I have been asked what I thought of 2011 and if it was a good year for me. Quite frankly, any year which I get to live through and see a new year is a good year because it means I get the chance to keep forging ahead and keep hope alive. So without further ado, here we go.


Definitely not giving myself top marks this year in this area. I mean, I went to church and said my prayers but I can't say that I grew spiritually and complacency is never a good thing. If I could just find that magical serum that transforms good intentions to actions. This year, I'd like to have more quality prayer time with God and work on not just praying but also listening to what He has to say to me.


My family was great last year and were always there for me as far as distance can allow. I got to see my mom much more than usual also, which was good. I don't really have any family here in the States and most times I feel very disconnected from my extended family back in Nigeria. They are all building families and their kids don't know who I am. On the flip, I don't know a lot of fam on my dad's side and it was pretty nice getting to know my cousin better on that side of the family this christmas. I have to say that it's a tad difficult noticing how my mom/uncle/aunties are getting older and I am very aware of their mortality, sigh. Either way, I am grateful for the family I have and it's good to know that even if we don't see much, they still have my back.


Ah, human beings and our complications. Well, it was a good year for friendships, *knock on wood*, I am yet to experience the flat out big betrayals that people always talk about and I am grateful for the people I get to call my friends and allow me to be myself while keeping judgements to a minimum. I used to think as you got older, you couldn't make new friends like your old ones but I think I disagree. I have met some amazing people as I get older. I did learn something about friendships last year though. As I get older, my tolerance gets lower and I have less time for bs. I learned that friendships should not be forced and once you learn the dynamics of a friendship the easier and better it is. Just as everyone is different, every friendship is different. It's about understanding your friend and knowing if it's something you want to invest time and effort in. If you don't, chuck the deuces and don't force something that isn't. I do wonder if it's terrible that I feel like if anyone decides they didn't want to be friends with me anymore, it'll suck but life goes on, so #ontothenext. That being said, I am grateful for each and every one of my friends who have been there with me and I love and appreciate you all.


Lol. I think that's about all I can say to this. Ok, don't get me wrong, I am not starving by any means. I am one of those savers as opposed to a spender. Like almost everyone else, I wish I was earning more. My student loans still hover around me like a dark cloud and my medical bills didn't make things any easier. I shut down one of my credit cards though so yay. I don't have any bill collectors knocking at my door so I suppose I am good. I am a tither and I do believe it has helped me, cuz sometimes when I think I am going to drown, I somehow make it. So here's to a continuation of my financial responsibility in the new year and some money windfall dropping from the sky into my account.


Well after 3 long years, I finally got my MBA completed. It was really difficult working and going to school at the same time and I remember in the beginning feeling like there was no way I could cut it and graduation was a lifetime away, but I did it and stuck it through, so pat on the back for me. Well now I have it, the next question is "what next?". I love my job. I actually do. I like the people I work with, I like my company culture. I have worked a job, I absolutely hated and so this is huge for me. As much as I love my job, I just know I could be doing more and would like to put my MBA to good use (and also earn money). So, its about that time to take that leap of faith again. Of course, there are those who keep whispering the move back to Nigeria chant. I am not opposed to it, it just has to be the right opportunity for me and I have to be ready. Honestly, if I had my way I would want to do a one or two year stint internationally (don't care where) and figure my way out from there. I ultimately will still want to own a business of mine but I guess I'll wait till I figure out what industry that will be. This is a huge prayer point of mine this year, ya girl needs some serious direction.


*takes deep breath*

Ok, my dramatic moment is over. As y'all may know, I am not the most exciting when it comes to relationships (or maybe I am and I am just being coded lol). I will say this (no cockiness), I am not going to lie, I don't lack for interest from the opposite sex. Most people will say it's the ass and maybe that's what it is but I'd like to believe that I have a great personality also. I had a fun dating year but all that being said, yea I was still single through 2011. My friends have done their dissections, analyzing etc to figure out what be the problem?. I know what the problem is, but y'all ain't ready for my issues lol. I have a knack for liking people where it isn't reciprocated, I have done that in the past and 2011 was no exception and I am beginning to think I do it on purpose. Well for 2012, I think I am ready to give a serious relationship [and myself] a chance. I'd like to allow myself to believe that I could be in a situation where someone sees how amazing I am - and most importantly, I allow myself to believe it's true and enjoy the ride. We'll see how it goes, so help me God :)


I was doing great for most of the year. I had a work out plan, was trying to eat right and as you all know, had the biggest health challenge I had ever experienced in my life. I don't think I can ever explain fully the whole journey, but I can never express my gratitude to God enough for seeing me through. I never get into full details about it but I think the effects will always be there mentally or maybe it's still too soon. There's a lot I worry about but I can't do anything about it. Besides, all that I think I was pretty good generally. I am a natural worrier so, every now and then when my brain was in over drive, I'd have my bouts of not sleeping. I hope to get back on a work out plan this year and work towards a healthier, happier me :)


Nothing's changed. I am still addicted to my blackberry, tv and all things internet. I am slowly trying to wean myself off juice, since I could guzzle that thing all day long. My bad habit in 2011 was letting fear rule my life and not just going out and grabbing life by the balls. I used to be so gutsy, I wonder what happened. I think I had a pretty good social life. I don't go out as much as I used to in my city but I traveled a lot and I always get to do stuff when I am out of town. I really hope I get to go somewhere international this year. Nigeria stays taking my vacay time!!

Ok, this was long as hell but I am finally done yay! Yea, that's my 2011 in a kinda nutshell. I am sure I left a whole bunch of stuff out but it is currently 4.41am, normal people are sleeping. Feel free to share yours or let me know if you do yours, so I can check it out. Here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fulfilling and fantastic 2012!


Original Mgbeke said…
I love reading people's taking stock. Enjoyed reading this.

May your 2012 bring you all that you wish for and more.
Junebug said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
LohiO said…
I enjoyed reading this.. I sometimes feel like you are an older me...

Have a blessed New Year! Wishing you so many blessings Maybe we will get some 'news' hehehe!
Roc said…
Wish I had the liver to do stuff like this..
Good though, holding yourself accountable and giving you something to measure your progress on..
taynement said…
Roc! where have you been? Trust me if I can do it, you def have liver. I am the most scaredy cat when it comes to laying things bare.

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