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Hiya folks, happy friday to ya. Hope everyone had a good week but good or bad it's always great to have the weekend here. It's been a stressful week and half for me and I haven't been sleeping so well so by early evening, I am so wiped out. I was a crabby monster today. oops. I heard of at least 3 deaths this week and I am just wondering if this is what it is to get older, just the constant news of someone dying, it's a bit scary but may the souls of all those who passed rest in peace. Before I start randoms, I did have one bright spot this week and got the best news from a friend. You know who you are, so so happy for ya and love you plenty! Alrighty folks, let's go dia!

I watch tv and see white folks fretting over their kid can't go to xyz college because there's no college fund. I am like shuo, student loan no dey? job no dey? You guys know about my hatred for student loans and I understand totally wanting to avoid it but it's an option, people haven't died from it.

Small talk sucks.

Last Sunday, the priest talked about not just praying but also listening to God. I swear, I always mean to do this but I chicken out because I am scared of what I will hear cuz I am sure it'll be a whole lot of scolding.

I think most people our age think they are invincible. I wonder what it's like being old. People always say it will be okay as long as you have lived a fulfilled life but it's not about that. It's just the thing of getting older and realizing your time is getting less and less. There's just something beautiful about life and being able to do stuff.

I finally watched No strings attached. I couldn't help but compare it to Friends with Benefits. My goodness, NSA was an utterly ridiculous movie, it was terrible.

I randomly remembered in secondary school when someone was caught with a guy and she sold out and told the principal and vice principal all those that had boyfriends. Yea, I had a boyfriend at 13, trust me it wasn't serious. Although he did ask me at our christmas party for some "fun". 13 yr old me was appalled. Like wth do you mean fun? that's disgusting. how can you ask me such? lolll.

No matter what you think, we are all judgmental in some way.

You guys remember Bruno Mars getting caught with cocaine right? This man never went to rehab or anything, so I guess we are to believe that he just quit the habit cold turkey and never touched the stuff again? riiiiight.

I left Facebook 2 years ago and I still get asked what happened. It's like everyone is convinced that something traumatic happened. Is it so absurd to not want to be on fb?

The acronym POTUS just sounds weird. Like it should be a slang name for genitals or something.

Oh, so I finally got to go to a place and eat/drink by myself. Was in Memphis for work and was told to check out Beale street. It's this street with a whole bunch of bars and restaurants all lined up one after the other. I got harassed for a bit by this annoying guy but he eventually left and I got to enjoy my drink. ( I swear I am getting to used to doing stuff by myself)

"There are days when you won't feel "in love". That's what the vows are for. That's when love as choice trumps love as a feeling"

I might be a little sensitive to it but I get a bit testy when people make comments about children from single homes. They've never experienced it but they have general assumptions about their "issues". It's as much as an assumption as assuming that long term marriages are all automatically happy ones and automatically produce issue-less kids.

Here's to new beginnings and trying new things.

Compliments go a long least for women.

*Feminists close your ears* I want to be spoiled. I want to be taken care of. I have stuff around my apartment that I'd like done for me. It's been so long since I've had to not be ms independent/worry/take care of stuff. I'd like to just forget everything and be pampered. Ok I am done, g-suit put back on.

I have to skinny dip sometime in my lifetime.

So 98% of my BB statuses are song titles or from songs but there are 3 categories my contacts deduce from it. 1 - i am some oversexed freak 2- I am in love 3- I am depressed and sad. It's hilarious the comments I get but I listen to music for most of my day, so when a song I like comes up, I just change it. Oh well.

I think "Follow your heart" is one of the most bs advice you can give to anyone.

“Sin is like an incredible meal that becomes poisonous venom in your stomach. What you eat on Earth you may digest in Hell.” - Lecra. Let's just say that sent chills down my spine.

Well that's all I got for y'all tonight. As always, have a wonderful weekend and be safe in all ways.

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Love this song



Sabirah said…
"There are days when you won't feel "in love". That's what the vows are for. That's when love as choice trumps love as a feeling" - Love that!!

Have a great weekend!
Miss Enigma said…
i'm scared to listen for fear of scolding n reminder of my shortcomings
I also hate "do wat makes you happy"
Compliments do go a long way indeed n i look 4ward to being pampered smeday.

Hve a great weekend
Omotee! said…
Seriously it's annoying that people just believe kids from broken homes must end up in bad marriages, like, how is that correct?!
Vivi said…
"There's just something beautiful about life and being able to do stuff." Exactly. Each day that passes I just think about the time left I have on this Earth. Sometimes it's scary, other times I'm at peace with it. But let me tell ya, I do enjoying living! And are you in my brain or something because the other day while driving home I had this passing thought like, "Folks must be feeling pretty invincible with their lives but something may happen that'll snap them back to reality."

Left Facebook last November and till today I get random texts about why did I leave and who made me leave and what have you. lolol. I mean, "who made me leave"? hahahaha.

So much 'THIS!!!' about POTUS acronym. It looks dirty. *giggles*

Have a great weekend!
R.One said…
Hear hear on the college fund thing...was in a Convo bout that a lil while back *rme. We pray for the means n all but u right school loan ain't never killed no one abeg.

...we're all judgemental in some way. Yep!!
MPB said…
I just had to comment that Chelsea on Teen Mom 2 is a perfect example of a girl with 2 loving, supportive parents who has such low esteem and hence makes bad decisions with Adam.

Re love- yep every relationship will have problems, you have to decide who you want to struggle with or go through life with. Love is a feeling and a choice.

I keep trying to get off facebook (comparison disease) but the longest I have lasted is 1 week. It's just easier to send invites and receive invites for stuff. I love pictures. Love connecting with old friends and cousins from time to time.
"There are days when you won't feel "in love". That's what the vows are for. That's when love as choice trumps love as a feeling" <----- Deep!

"Follow your heart," is not always the best advice, so true.

I went to the movies myself once. I enjoyed it.

Missed your randoms! :)
dosh said…
i absolutely love the song, love his voice, accent and how he sounds like a stammerer

The line about when love as a choice trumps love as a feeling is the ultimate truth. Love it!
Original Mgbeke said…
I would love to hear from God and figure some things out. Patiently waiting for that day to come.

Would like to do more solo stuff and stop waiting for people to join in the fun.

It would be nice to be pampered for a change.
Mz.T said…
This is my first comment on your blog se? Shame on me.

Small talk is a tool the devil created to drive me insane. I wanna go skinny dipping too! But in warm water :|

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