Analyzing Lady Gaga's "Telephone"


If you are new to my world then you must already know that I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. At this very moment I have marked my calender to see her on July 22nd and am waiting for pre sale tickets to go on sale. I dubbed myself a "Gagarette". She does no wrong in my eyes. Anywhoo, Telephone ft Beyonce and produced by DarkChild is a hot song that came out some months ago(in my mind it was an Lady Gaga giving Beyonce a chance to apologise to us for what she did with Video Phone). The song is hot! Gaga being who she is, made the video premiere a pop culture event and debuted it only on E! last thursday. Choreographed by LaurieAnn Gibson(from making the band fame, she also did Bad Romance), forgive me fellow Gagarettes when I say that this was the first Gaga video I watched that didn't blow my mind. I have only seen it once and I decided I will watch it again and just list my thoughts as I watch. Follow me for the ride will ya?

Ok so the video starts out in a scene reminiscent of the TV show "Capadocia" (about life in a female prison). Gaga is being walked into prison for killing her bf in the Paparazzi video, she is wearing a Gagafied version of a prison gown(?) as women catcall out to her. After she is thrown into the slammer, e be like say this haemophrodite joke still dey chook Gaga because there is a scene where she jokes about it as she strips off her dress.

I think the part where she comes out in chains and some out the world shades is so fierce. Not sure about the make out part and emm Virgin Mobile we see you.

When it's announced that Beyonce is on the line for Gaga, the camera shows a dark haired lady who looks a lot like Gaga - that's her 17 year old sister. Gaga has changed to pata and bra, man did she bring a lot of change of clothes to jail. The hair in diet coke cans is hilarious, she says her mom used to do that when she was younger.

Lol, this Gaga is such an exhibitionist showing us her assless nyansh in thong in the bra and pint choreo... Virgin Mobile we see you again.

Dating Website we see you. lol @ the Michael Jackson move she did when she was being released(in another outfit).

I get a little lost after B picks her up in the Pussywagon but it's a Gaga video. Anyhue, B looks fab and when she walks into the diner in that yellow dress, can someone spell C-U-R-V-E-S!

In Tyrese's scene, I am feeling the psychedelic makeup and it was like someone set the tv color ten times more than usual.

Let's make a sandwich - Enter Julia Child Gaga. B channels her inner Michael and even flashes us a butt cheek. Then comes the domesticated Gaga with her Gays choreo lol. The chic is wearing plastic like a laminated shirt.

I like her she stood there posing as if she is not killing someone with her hair designed as a telephone.

I really wish I could see the dance number where they are wearing the colors of the American flag but it was very all over the place, I couldn't quite make it out.

Remember Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

And in a Thelma and Louise-esque ending, the video ends with them riding into the sunset, Gaga in white and loads of makeup and B in black with minimal makeup.

Overall, it was an entertaining video. I do have to say that it reminded me of the Banky W video "Strong Thing" where the song is outstanding and the video is a great production but has completely nothing to do with the song. I really don't know what I was expecting but while I can't knock the video, I can't say it blew my mind either but I am still a Gagarette for life sha. Up next, I am curious to see what the Alicia and B video will be like.

Happy Mid Week y'all.


Omosi T said…
BITE YOUR TONGUE.....err I mean bite your tongue please
LucidLilith said…
On this one and I will agree to

you need a new role model, taynement...
Vivian said…
Classic avante garde Gaga... I found the video a little..well..abstract..but I like the song..and that it was colorful...somehow i feel that this is what Lady Gaga's dreams would look like ..if we could see them...interesting..

And is it just me but I feel that in the past 4 video ...Beyonce has opened her leg in that ranchy chair dance type thing...uhmm...B..its getting kinda old...and tacky..but whatever!!
Myne Whitman said…
Mass homicide, definitely not my kind of video. Very stylish though and why I would watch her videos in the first place.

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