Friday Randoms

Hi guys, Happy days are here again, it's Friday y'all. I had a pretty decent week and as I type this I am a little bit tipsy but I'm good, I guess I should say buzzed. Had a work day where we played whirlyball (which is a combination of driving a go cart and aiming a ball at a hole like basketball) after that we all went to dinner where the alcohol was flowing and I got to see a different side of all my coworkers and my boss after 5pm. Shoo, my boss was taking shots and we lied and said it was his bday, so he got a cake and candle and he pretended to smoke it. Fun times. I love my job and I thank God for it. I mean for one, my boss was as excited as I was that Gaga was coming to town hehe. Okay my randoms suck this week and I apologise in advance. Here we go:

If I have not said it before, I will say it again, there are evil people in this world. You know, we all talk about people but to take time out to create so called "anonymous" id's online and say hurtful things about people is ridiculous to me, that's a lot of hatred or anger or whatever it could be.

Lil Wayne's "Carter III" was a hot album. So was Kanye West's "College Dropout".

I don't think I like stockfish.Crayfish on the other hand is an important necessity for me.

I love how people be getting last minute flights in tv or movies like they don't cost a grip.

The other day I was thinking how Jennifer Love Hewitt has really dated around Hollywood, she recently broke up with yet another boyfriend(Jamie Kennedy)and I was like well it's not just her then Jennifer Aniston came to mind then I remembered how I always wonder who has Herpes in that their circle which led to a convo I had with friends. Check this timeline: Derek Jeter dated Mariah Carey who is married to Nick Cannon who dated Christina Milian who is married to The Dream who was married to Nivea who "dated" Lil Wayne who also "had a thing" with Lauren get the picture, it's one bi circle.

I'm kinda excited to be a judge at auditions for my old dance group.

I wonder why I waste time buying bananas, the minute I see a spot on them I throw the whole bunch away.

If good plates are called China, what do people in China call them?

I always feel sad when I see people at bus stops waiting for the bus, especially when it's cold or raining.

For anyone looking for extra money the census people are paying people to work for them so check it out.

This whole Sandra Bullock's husband cheating on her makes me sad but I will blog about that later.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who are suffering from serious illness, that God lays his healing hand on them and ease them of their suffering. Amen (thank you)

SOng of today is by B.O.B. He is a rapper who plays guitar and is signed to T.I's record label, Grand Hustle. I don't know why but this song always puts a smile on my face. Have a lovely weekend guys.



Anonymous said…
YAY Me. First?
Vivian said…
Ok... I might be behind but the last time I checked were looking for a job. Well thank God you have one if I missed the announcement. LOL!!

Oh and the whole Sandra Bullock thing... can you even imagine...fresh off the heels of winning an oscar she has to deal with personal is interesting. But hey considering who he cheated with...what was she expecting..Once a bad boy..always a bad boy!
Omotee! said…
good thing u r having fun at ur job.
nice as usual. have a great weekend!
Ms.O said…
Loves the song!
neefemi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
neefemi said…
yes...those albums were great...and lol about the last minute flights, i so want that in my life i cant even lie...why will u waste perfectly good bananas eh missy?, they probably call it plates(just a thot)lol.....and yea i used to be on the bus too, so i feel their pain...have a great weekend honey...muah
LucidLilith said…
LOL...careful with fraternizing with co-workers oh. I am speaking from experience *ahem*

OMG ...i hear you about bananas. Except that I feel they taste like crap here. I mean, you can't beat thoe bananas you buy on Lagos-Benin Expressway. You just cant. Especially when you throw in groundnuts!
Myne Whitman said…
Psst...pass that bananas over here please. One spot, ten or hundred, those are my best fruit, you know?

The video is not playing, will go check him out on Youtube.
Nice Anon said…
What does this cheating thing say about men in general?? MOST are bound to cheat sooner or later.

I would guess people in China call plates "Chinette"? lol
Kash said…
Oh wow Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy broke up?? Aww she was just talking about how strong their love was blah blah blah the other day...well so was Sandra Bullock! Dang, what a mess!
Anonymous said…
"If I have not said it before, I will say it again, there are evil people in this world."

If you haven't said it before, how can you say it again? lol

I agree with you though.
Good Naija Girl said…
Your random posts are so entertaining.

I prefer to eat "perfect" bananas but they never taste the sweetest!

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