Friday Randoms

I feel like a broken record when I say I blinked and all of a sudden Friday is here. Not that I am complaining because I sho do look forward to my Fridays, although I am about to start classes on Friday so I am not sure if I will still look forward to it. Anyways there has been an air of melancholy and blahness going through blogsville (myself included). I bind whatever negativity is floating through and hope everyone's spirit rises through the weekend at least till Monday blues hit(i keed). Let's random.

I wanna start with this new blog I found that I really enjoy - Check it out if you can. Infact, plenty blogs dey to dey discover.

This week I wondered why we say Cool Beans and not Cool Rice. The explanation I got is that rice is already cool unlike beans so cool beans implies a bad situation turned good. *did I confuse you*

America's Best Dance Crew makes me very aware of my lack of talent geez.

I don't like asking(and sometimes receiving) favors from people. I deep down believe that it will bite you in the ass and that person somehow has some "thing" over you. Unfortunately, I have had to ask favors and I live in anxiety of when it's gonna rear its head *he-shoes*

I don't care what the world thinks Kevin Federline is a cutie.

You know, this life is hella unpredictable, you never really know your tomorrow. Watching the oscars, who would have thought that Monique would one day be an oscar winner?(and deservedly so). The Queen of Comedy or the lady from The Parkers. or even Gabby Sidibe's story(haha as I typed that she flashed on the screen in the ABDC audience). It serves as encouragement, with right timing and hard work, something has got to give.

Speaking of Monique, I can't watch her show yo. I tried, I couldn't make it.

I heard this somewhere "If you are not making mistakes then you are not living"

Something in my marrows tells me that Tyler Perry is gay.

So just when I quelled my pregnancy fears(weight gain specifically). Kendra Wilkinson flares it back up. This is a woman who works out like crazy and she has openly said how she is having a hard time getting pack to her pre baby body. She showed her post baby stomach. What chances do I have?!!!! :(

I have a new theme song for my stomach and I. You know that Luda song that goes "When I move, you move..just like that". Yea, that's the one.

All this worry about weight, is it really worth it. geez taynement get a grip.

I wish I lived in the 70's. I loved their music.

Anyone catch this story on a college group who were having students turn in their bibles in exchange for porn. SMH, Aiye ti baje.

There is a white woman who calls herself Jihad Jane and wants to kill the cartoonist that drew the Muhammad cartoon. Oya is America on the terror list?

Ryan Seacrest has many jobs but he is best at hosting American Idol.

PRAYER REQUEST : For our beloved country, Nigeria. That God quells this seemingly rising storm that is sweeping through and protect all its citizens that include our family and loved ones. Amen. (thank you)

Have a lovely weekend.

Enjoy this Fantasia song, Even Angels. I like it a lot.



Vivian said…
yay!! First!! LOL!

Love that Monique finally got some love that did not involve BET or anything like that!! Good job!

Second.. I am feeling you on that Tyler Perry could be!!!

Girl..if I had a figure like yours...shoot..anyways...
Love Monique and so happy for her.
Nigeria sure needs prayers
Ms.O said…
I was so happy for Monique and Gabby.
There is definately something in the air.
I am sure you dont have weight issues!..:)

Happy Friday! xx!
Andrea said…
Luv your friday randoms..pregnancy weight gain.. ha!. That's what I am experiencing now.
Harry-Rami Itie said…
There is most definitely something in the air and we must pray about it...

I kinda agree with you about America's Best Dance Crew...

The mistakes quote has some truth in it

Tyler Perry IS straight!

LOL on the theme song for your tummy

Bibles for porn...dat is wrong!!!

I agree with you on Ryan and American Idol...

Overall, I must say this is an amazing post...I love it!!!
neefemi said…
Amen o..i'm glad i feel better now, cos it was getting to be too much

lol @ cool beans and cool rice and i feel the same way when i watch ABDC...and i absolutely refuse to ask myself except i'm sure i wouldn't be indebted...Fat K-Fed or slim K-Fed

i don't know about that on the mistakes thing...i don't buy it...what kind of mistakes though?

lol about the rest, just keep working out and eating right and leave the rest jo...thats all you can do

have a great weekend babe
F said…
I agree with the whole Mo'Nique thing... She gave an incredible performance in Precious and deserved that Oscar, but her show can be jarring to watch. She is getting better though; less shouting...

LOL @ the song dedicated to your "little friend". I believe Ludacris wrote the song for moments like this. I am so with you on that one- we should all do Karaoke- those things have lives of their own... I don't think they are worth the trouble sha. Waaaay more important things to worry about than a dancing gut. :)

Speaking of which, Jihad Jane? Really? I guess it's the same with that guy who crashed his plane into an IRS building or something. Forgive me if my facts are fuzzy but that definitely counts as terrorism, especially since he had an anti-government agenda. I guess he and Jihad Jane can't join the exclusive club cos only foreigners are allowed in. SMH.

I could rant all day; I might as well stop here. Hope you have a good weekend. :)
Azazel said…
Lol so what if tyler is gay though? Doesn't matter
TayneMent said…
Doesn't matter if he is gay. Twas a random thought I mentioned because I don't know it's a fact since he is not out.
BSNC said…
lol so that is why they say cool beans. I don't like asking for favours cos of the same reason :(..
akaBagucci said…
nice song.. the fantasia one.. it is perversely gratifying that even angels learn to fly.. if that is actually the case.. :)
Good Naija Girl said…
My thinking is a) if you really want a baby, you won't let fear of some weight gain stop you and b) if you are determined to get back to your pre-baby shape, you'll do it. I mean even though Kendra has access to personal trainers and cooks or whatnot, she's still the one who has to do the exercises and watch what she puts into her mouth.

I think you'd make it happen if it was your priority!

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