Friday Randoms

So exhausted I am. Before I start randoming, I wanted to thank you all for your comments on my last blog post on Cheating. Special thanks to Lani for returning to address comments. Speaking for myself,regarding the looking within first, I do not disagree but it still boils down to if she is nagging you to that point why are you still with her? why do you have to cheat? why not be with as many women as you want AFTER you have broken up with her? Ah well..more breaking news that Sandra Bullock's hubby had up to 4 mistresses, the 4th one just hired a lawyer and says she has proof they have been together 3 years (sandy and Jesse have been married 5).Sigh. I hope they all get through this. The media has been playing old clips of Sandy's talk of what she would do including how she said if she were Tiger Woods wife she would have hit harder.

I digress, now we random:

Can you believe it's been 11 years since "Boys don't cry"?

Speaking of which I can't believe I haven't been to the movies in 3 months. Me of all people, me!

I have lost love for Project Runway.I am not quite sure what they are looking for and how come none of the judges ever disagree?

I was gonna random about weight but moving ooooon...

That pain/soreness that comes from working out is a lovely feeling.

Watching a wedding show and when they reached the part that asked, "Who gives this woman away", her father replied with, "She comes of her own accord with the full support of her mother and me". How cool is that?

Nigeria records at least 1000 new HIV infections EVERYDAY!. Like, how scary is that?? Think of the unrecorded ones.

This Hollywood love sef. Lance Gross and Eva Marcille don pafuka.

The other day I googled how to be happy.

I added one more thing to my wish list. If I could ever be on a regular people dancing with the stars. I would SOOOOO want to be on it, like real bad!

We thank God for mercies, I slipped in my bathtub the other day with no major damage.

I really like how Kendra is keeping it real with her feelings about the baby weight. Her friends came over all hot and baby weight-less and she felt so insecure that she started crying, I can see myself doing that lol (new episode from last weeks random)

Isaiah 43:18-19

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those facing turmoil. The depressed, those contemplating suicide, kids kicked out of their homes due to unexpected pregnancy or their sexuality, that the Lord grants them peace and give them hope and strength to get through it.

Have a lovely weekend guys. Enjoy one of my favorite songs on Chris Brown's ALbum - Pass Out.



Vivian said…
Apinke said…
hey, thank God u r fine now, dont slip again o, lol.
have a lovely weekend
Blogoratti said…
Totally friday randoms..
How are you doing TM. Have a fun weekend.
Harry said…
Kool one..thanks for the bible verse
Ms.O said…
iLove to read these! Have a fab weekend!
Reverence said…
well according to the enquirer the number of mistresses has reached 11 *sigh*

i know what you mean on working out, for teh first time in my life i walked 3 miles yesterday.
Nee Fe Mi said…
"Watching a wedding show and when they reached the part that asked, "Who gives this woman away", her father replied with, "She comes of her own accord with the full support of her mother and me". How cool is that? "
So freaking cool...imma ask my dad to say that,hheheheheh.....
Thank God you good love, no hurting yourself please...muah, have a good weekend ma
Myne said…
I went to your 2008 Badluck Oscar post, you must be a good analyst. You sniffed that out.

Thank God for the damageless bath tub slip. Have a great weekend.
LucidLilith said…
I am always so afraid of falling in the bathroom.

"Who gives this woman away" What like she is a Toyota Camry gift? Who is that old school pastor sef?

Poor Sandra. I was sooo in love with Jesse. Now I am all 'eeew'
iphyigbogurl said…
i like that father from the wedding.
and i join you on the prayer request.
have a fab weekend and coming week.
Original Mgbeke said…
Thank God for mercies o.
never watched most of the other seasons of PR so I don't have much to compare it to, but yep sometimes the outfits are really cute and the judges criticize, na them sabi.

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