Friday Randoms

Hi people, hope everyone had a good week, at least a better week than I did. Before I start I wanted to let you guys know that I wanted to add something to Friday Randoms. At the end of every random, I am just going to add a blanket prayer request for different areas and people in general, so once you are done reading, if you believe in prayer just say a quick one for the people and hopefully it'll make a difference. Also, just incase there is anyone out there who thinks I only blog on Fridays, I blog on non fridays too lol. Ok here we go:

- You know I am sure his heart is in the right place but I gotta say that Wyclef has definitely got some play from the Haiti earthquake.

- Nna, did anyone hear about the naija armed robber attack on a bus going to the east? They separated people into those with money and those without and the ones without they put a gun to the driver's head and made him drive OVER them as they lay on the floor? Biko, what kind of viciousness is this?How horrible a death was that?? I hear there were pictures, umm I'll pass. RIP to them.

- Monique be wearing some cute dresses to these awards shows sha. Still not a fan of hers but this whole deal about her being okay with her husband cheating. ahem, unto each their own.

- I would love to really take advantage of being single and just go on a couple of random dates but alas I have no time to go out and put myself out there.

- I really really get sad about the fact that I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I would love to just spruce up my apartment and give it some chutzpah but I have brain freeze.

- Sometimes I read blogs and I just feel as if I might know the person (which I probably don't).

- Apparently, I can't watch old people kissing in movies? when did that start? I just found myself turning my head?

- Where did this rice and banana thing start from sef? You know how we naija peeps like to copy, is it from another country?

- Speaking of food, I hate hate it when you jam fellow naija peeps and they smell like jollofrice/plantain/soup. yuck! I hate that food smell.

- Right timing, Right person men..See simon cowell who said he would never get married and broke up with Terri Seymour for that. Now he met this makeup artist(who has a picture of Clay Aiken grabbing her boobs) and they are engaged and he is publicly proclaiming she is the one.

- Rihanna's Rude Boy video is hot. Song is just okay to me sha.

- Why do people feel they can't meet a quality person in the club? In general, I just hate this men/women rules, everyone is different, everyone's life and love path is different. Why do we always want to do xyz, is it proven fact??? I don't care whether you are married or not, allow pesin and if the heart breaks, it breaks.

- Anyone catch Bella Naija on Oprah? Pretty cool stuff...

- Did you know Vera Wang is an accomplished ice skater? That lady looks good for her age yo.

- Jessie Williams on Greys Anatomy, that negros fineness is sinful. How can God create a beautiful being like him and then tell us not to lust?:(

- I wonder if they still show Jesus of Nazareth on Christmas day or was it Easter in naija.

That's all folks.

PRAYER REQUEST : For all families and people having a hard time in this economy specifically those that are unemployed, that God will see them through and bless them with jobs soon. Amen (Say it now! :D)Thank you.

Song of the day is Adele's "Many shades of Black" cuz it's how I feel. Have a lovely weekend guys and stay blessed.



Dayarinya said…
I don't get the "can't meet a quality person in the club" thing because I think "you that is talking, don't you think you are someone that is worth it?"

Bella Naija was on Oprah? Ah...I missed it. What did she talk about?
leggy said…
bella was on oprah?na wa oh.i personally think only the entertainment industry is boosting up our rep in naija nowadays..frist gene now bella.good stuff.
neefemi said…
Yep - on wyclef.....
are you serious, thats just evil - God forgive them and RIP.....
i feel you on the couple dates, even with having time, finding suitable men & fun things to do in this country can be so long ;(.....
Lol @ chutzpah - watch a couple diy shows on tv or online, its easy :)
Right timing, right person and a lil bit of luck is all it is o...
lol @ Jesse willimas - which reminds me i need to catch up on GA
Amen and Amen...feel better babe, saw ur post on the other blog *hugs*
Vivian said…
I feel you on the dating thing.. I feel like its been forever since I went out on a one asks!! Sometimes I think its becuase I don't go out enough..but funny enough I do..oh will happen when its supposed to. *sigh* All I want is someone to buy me tulips lol!

Oh and Jessie Williams is yumminess personified..beautiful eyes!! I luff them! Beautiful man!

I have heard of girls who met guys at a club... funny enough we judge becuase its a club and we think everyone is a freak ...not so.. you can actually meet a good guy who just happens to be there to support a friend..not see who hes gonna sleep with.

In my opinion it just boils down to being in the right season for certain things to happen!
Andrea said…
Bella was on oprah..when,.did it air yet..
akaBagucci said…
I think it all boils down to the issue of context; re the club thing.. whatever rocks your boat mehn....
Anonymous said…
Just read your post from yesterday. Don't know what you are going through but I did go through a period where I was just not happy with myself even though everything seemed great on the outside. It just felt like things were happening for other people and not for me. I didn't feel accomplished. I didn't recognize myself, the me I used to be. Anyways, today I feel better and reenegized because of soomething I heard at church recently. I don't know how to articulate it to you but the pastor said something like "You will overcome because you are you, you are the one that went through certain things that you never imagined you would overcome, but you did overcome and this time is no different. You will overcome." Don't know if this helps just thought I'd share. You will overcome and you will feel better. You are you.
Repressed One said…
First off-- Jessie FINEASS Williams!!! OhhWee*fans self*

Okay on to others:
I hard and i saw the pic...Gruesome!! The evil of man's heart is unimaginable i swear *shudders*
I feel the same way about being artistic but for different reasons *sigh*
Some people substitute banana for plantain, some add it as a 'healthy' side...
That was Bella??? I saw it and thot "how did this young naija babe get on Oprah??" Awesomeness!
Anonymous said…
hmmm - the colleague at work gave me a lecture on being more proactive yesterday with regards to meeting people. he even recommended i visit the african shop at peak periods. smh. those pictures were gruesome, i heard though that they were circulated last year too. just sad in anycase
LovePaprika said…
Serious randomings o! lol I saw the Bella thing sooooo inspiring! back to listen to Adele's many shades of black... My boo is a fan! Love her too..
MPB said…
Love what anonymous wrote to you...I will take it and apply to myself as well. Dang it why did i delete all the oprah I DVRed before I read your blog? I prolly deleted one with Bella, i only tend to watch the episodes with gruesome or heartbreaking stories.
TayneMent said…
Thanks all for commenting and thank you anonymous for your encouraging words.
LucidLilith said…
this ya random get as e is like all over the place ...i dont know which one to respond to first.

Naija people smelling like naija food? Check. I buy my fabreeze from SAM'S CLUB.

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